#1 Best Advanced English Pronunciation Tip – Change The Way You Think About Speaking English!

#1 Best Tip For Pronunciation in English

When we learn a new language, we tend to be confused about the pronunciation of words, and we look for ways to improve it so that we can be better understood by native speakers. With so many different sounds and words in English, it can become overwhelming to practice pronunciation. So you might be asking yourself, “What exactly is the #1 best English pronunciation tip that will help me improve?”

Reading English vs. Listening to English

There are several languages in the world that are phonetic. When a language is phonetic, it means that the language is pronounced close (or exactly) to how it is written. Overall, this means that if you can write the word, then you can also pronounce it. Be warned that not every language is phonetic. Some languages, such as Italian, are phonetic. Other languages, like French, are not very phonetic at all.

An example of a language that is phonetic is Spanish. In many cases, the words are pronounced how it is written, which makes Spanish easier to learn because you don’t have to put in as much effort to learn the pronunciation. However, in English, it’s a different story.

What is an example of English not being a phonetic language? Let’s look at a word that ends with ‘tion.”

  • Appreciation (Is this word pronounced the same way it’s written?)

Most of this word is phonetic…until you get to the last four letters, and when you try to pronounce them, they completely different than you would expect (‘tion’ = “shun”). Don’t let those last four letters fool you!

Sounds vs. Letters

It’s very easy to try and pronounce English letters in your native language. Our brains like to function that way, and the sounds we use in our native language are not always going to be the same when you learn a different language. It takes practice to be able to keep the sounds from your native language, and English, separate. While many English words may have different sounds, learning them is not impossible!

Keep in mind that one letter in English can have a lot of different sounds, so it’s a great idea to be aware of this and to have an open mind as well. Overall, the #1 best English pronunciation tip I can give you is to focus on the sound and not just the word’s spelling! Watch the video below!

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