1 Trick to Think Easily in English, Improve Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Fluency

Hello! I would like to share with you 1 trick to think easily in English, improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and fluency. With language learning, there are many different ways to learn, and not everyone is going to favor one method over another. A crucial part of learning a language is exposure to the language. The second part is self-study. Everyone learns differently, and the reality is that you’ll find a method that works for you, and you’ll discover other methods that don’t. However, there’s one useful tip that any type of learner can use that will help increase your English fluency, pronunciation, and vocabulary. So what is this trick? Well, ask yourself this question below?

Do you ever sing to yourself when you’re alone?


Can you learn and become fluent in a language using music? Yes!

Music is an excellent method of self-study, and also it’s just a fun way of doing something that might be boring or challenging to you, because music has a habit of staying in your head because of specific sounds that are used, and that can help trigger your memory. Songs sometimes stay in our heads for several hours or even days! We all have favorite songs that we listen to on a daily basis, and eventually, you memorize the words of the song. This can happen even when you’re listening to songs that are sung in a different language. The best part of this is that there are no textbooks, no drills, no grammar charts required. It’s just you, a paper that has the song lyrics, and a catchy song! It’s a perfect formula for language learning.

What’s the downside? Watch out for words that may not be appropriate in a formal setting!

You’ll also learn English that is up-to-date. Songs can help you learn the English that is casually spoken on the streets of an English-speaking country on a daily basis. In other words: you learn real-world English. Music teaches you vocabulary in a real-world context, which is something that you can’t find in a textbook or word chart. You’ll be able to understand vocabulary and grammar without putting in a lot of mental effort like you probably would with a traditional textbook.

Music also helps you learn the correct stress of each word by matching the word to the rhythm of the music. You’ll be able to learn how to pronounce words that you may not sure where the stress is (ex. sympathetic), and how sounds link together from word to word or from phrase to phrase, which may not be something you can find in a regular textbook.

What Songs Should I Listen To?

Great question! Here’s a list of popular songs that are great for improving your English foundation. I recommend finding the lyrics for these songs online and just sing them to yourself! However, it’s also important to listen to songs that you like and enjoy.

  1. Hello by Adele
  2. The Beatles (any song)
  3. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
  4. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa

Use music as your tool, and also as a fun way of developing your English skills. If you’re busy doing other things, you can listen to music while you’re doing them. Music can help improve your vocabulary using the lyrics, and it will also improve your pronunciation, especially if you try to copy the singer word-for-word. Follow this 1 tip to think easily in English, improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and fluency!

What’s your favorite song? Watch the video below!

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