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The 100 Most Common Phrases in American English focuses on building confident English listening & speaking skills. Learn the essential phrases that native speakers use on a daily basis.

This is an instant download course. You get an eBook with the 100 phrases used in short, practical dialogues and a glossary of phrases plus an MP3 Audio Guide to listen to the conversations and glossary of phrases guide with explanations.

Course Details: eBook of conversations and glossary guide (29 pages) and MP3 audio file (40 minutes)

What exactly is the focus of this course? Conversations on real, useful topics, using the top 100 most common phrases in American English

Lessons Included:

1. How to Ask for Directions

2. How to Check Into a Hotel

3. How to Ask for More Information

4. How to Introduce Yourself to an American in Your Home Country

5. How to Talk About What You Want to Do

6. How to Make General Conversation (Speaking Imprecisely)

7. How to Make a Suggestion

8. How to Shop for a Car

9. How to Return Clothing or an Item

10. How to Ask for Clarification

11. How to Talk to a Taxi Driver

12. How to Ask for a Haircut

13. What to Say When you Bump Into Someone on the Street

14. How to Order a Coffee

15. How to Complain in a Restaurant

16. How to Get Help with your Internet Connection

17. How to Talk to a US- based Company

18. How to Make Friends at the Gym

19. How to Check In at the Airport

20. How to Arrange a Language Exchange

21. How to Talk to Your Doctor

22. How to Greet a Roommate in the Morning

23. How to Talk to a Shop Owner 24. How to Talk About a Movie

Glossary of Phrases 1 – 12

This includes the ebook and audio to improve all your English skills.

Pages: 29 Audio Length: 40 minutes Format: PDF and MP3


About the Course

What happens after I click on “buy now?”

When you buy this course, after just a minute or two you will get an email from Go Natural English. Inside the email you have an instant download link. You can use this link over and over, or better yet, download the course and keep it for offline use — forever!


What is this course?

It’s a great course to improve your vocabulary, listening and pronunciation skills.

This course focuses on the 100 Most Common Phrases in American English. They are not difficult or advanced phrases, but they are the most common and you absolutely need to know how natives use them! Your teacher probably did not teach you these phrases because they are not academic. They are used in everyday conversation.

You will learn everyday, common, natural phrases to add to your vocabulary.

You will improve your listening skills as you hear natives using the phrases in real conversations.

You will repeat the phrases and your pronunciation will become more native-like.


Who is this for?

This course is best for an intermediate English language learner who wants to improve their conversational skills.

It is not for everyone. It will probably not help you very much if you need to improve your writing, or your academic English.

If you feel frustrated that you have been studying English in a classroom for years but still have difficulty understanding natives, this course can help you.


What if I have questions or need help downloading the course?

If you have any questions or need help, contact us at