Why You Must Change the Way You Learn English if You Want to be Fluent


Teacher’s often tell their students, be an independent learner, be assertive and be proactive! But what does that really mean?


Gabby wants to encourage and empower you to be an independent English learner. She wants you to teach yourself. So that soon, you won’t need help from her.


How can you be an Independent Learner?


  • Follow your curiosity – What are your interests, naturally? What do you find really inspires your curiosity? What do you know more about? Use English as a tool to pursue your interest. Learning English should not be learning it as a subject, it’s just giving yourself power to explore life and connect with people  That’s how we can use English powerfully.


  • Know your motivation – Why do you want to learn English? If you can answer that question honestly, they you have a huge advantage over other English learners.


  • Be proactive – Do not wait for your English teacher to give you English. No one can give you English in a little gift box or even in a textbook. You have to go get your English. If you follow your curiosity and motivation, you’ll be more inspired to learn words that is related to your interests.


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Exposure to English & the right method of learning are keys to fluency

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