2 Things you must do more if you want to be fluent in English

Learning a language like English means having to understand which ideas or which classes are the best for you and the level of English that you want to have. Even though everyone learns differently, there are 2 things that are super important to do if you want to be fluent in English, because these are things that not everyone is doing enough times. Let’s talk about them! So what are the 2 things you must do more if you want to be fluent in English?


Always review new vocabulary words or phrases! One big mistake that people make when learning English (or any language) is that they expect to learn and remember a new word after seeing it only one time. This might be true if you plan to use that word instantly, but if it’s a word that you may not use until later on when you’re in a conversation, then I guarantee you that you’re going to forget this new word before you get the opportunity to use it!

Learning a new language means learning an entirely new set of vocabulary words, and it can be challenging to remember all of these new different words and what they mean. Here’s a rule to remember if you want to memorize new words:

  1. To remember new vocabulary, you need to use the word at least 15-20 times or more! The more you use it, the easier it is to remember it, and that can help you express yourself or your ideas better. A useful way to do this is to just say this word to yourself as many times as you need to!

Be Patient

We’re not supercomputers, and we sometimes think that we’re not learning a language as fast as we should be, but remember that everyone learns at their own pace, and you need to be patient with yourself. Love yourself, and give yourself all the necessary time to learn new vocabulary, and forgive yourself if you forget words, but never stop studying new vocabulary! Practice makes perfect, and no one ever does things correctly the first time.

Make More Mistakes

No one ever wakes up being able to speak English, or any language, perfectly, and a big mistake people make when they’re learning English is having this expectation that they will speak perfect English after only studying for a few hours. Learning English is an ongoing journey, and mistakes are a super necessary part of this journey.

When you were a child and you were learning how to speak your native language for the first time, can you honestly say that you never made mistakes? This is the same concept that is still applicable even for adults who are learning a new language! Mistakes can be cute, mistakes can be small or big, but mistakes are always a learning experience. It shows that you’re learning, especially if you learn from your mistakes.

BONUS Tip: Ask More Questions

Here’s a bonus tip for you! Asking questions is a big challenge for not only language learners, but for everyone in general, and this is true in most aspects of life.

We’re constantly anxious or afraid to ask questions because we have this idea that asking questions is a sign of weakness, and it holds us back from having a full learning experience. It’s a common fear, and often times the most helpful tip to conquer this fear is to just confront it and ask questions anyway. While this is easier said than done, asking questions or asking for someone’s help is one of the best decisions you can make, especially when you’re learning a language like English.

I want to encourage you to do those three things, because you’re not doing them enough, and because they are big stepping stones that will be a part of your journey to obtaining English fluency!

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