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Go Natural English Learners,

When I was learning Portuguese, I tried to teach myself vocabulary from textbooks. The problem was that these textbooks were too formal. When I went to Brazil, I noticed that people used different verbs to say the same things I had learned in a textbook… that were wrong.

It made me mad. I spent money on these textbooks and spent time studying them. For what? Only to realize that they weren’t the right way.

I don’t want you to go through the same problems in English. Unfortunately, I know that many of you already have had this problem. You study English for years, spending a lot of time and money on it. Then you go to an English speaking country and realize that people are using totally different verbs! I say “verbs” in particular, because these make a big difference.

What separates an intermediate English speaker from an advanced, fluent English speaker?

Let me tell you what I notice from my 10 years of English teaching experience (and my teacher friends will agree).

A big part of becoming a natural English speaker is the way you use verbs. See, in most textbooks and English classes, you’re going to learn the formal, academic verbs. These are great if you want to be a fancy writer, or impress a college professor with your vocabulary. Unfortunately, these aren’t what we usually use to speak to each other in real life, even in professional situations.

That’s why I created the Guide to 200 Phrasal Verbs in English. It lists and gives examples of the 200 most useful phrasal verbs. You’ll understand native speakers’ conversations much better when you realize these are the verbs we use in real life on a daily basis — and not those ones you learned in your English textbook that taught you verbs for other purposes.

If your goal is to improve your fluency, I highly suggest that you get this audio ebook today!


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