3 Keys to Speak English Fluently – Learn Conversational American English

In this English tip episode, I talk about 3 keys for English fluency. The keys are:

  1. Plan — Imagine the situations when you will want to use English. Think about your goals, whom you want to speak with, about what, when, where and how.
  2. Practice — Think to yourself in English, speak out loud to yourself or others, use what you learn immediately and often!
  3. Pills — Unfortunately there is no magic English fluency pill. However, learn English in small amounts to stay motivated. Study a little each day and you will see your fluency improving quickly over time. To join the premium GNE class Fluent in 15, click here.

To understand more, watch the video or listen to the tip by pressing “play” the podcast. You can subscribe to GNE on iTunes and on Stitcher Radio.

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