4 Phrases to Describe Personality – Learn How to Speak American English Fluently like a Native

Do you describe yourself as “nice” or “kind?”

Those words are good, but there are more common words and phrases native speakers use to describe a person’s character in English.

It’s important to be able to describe yourself or others. We need to describe ourselves for job interviews, when we meet new friends, when we date, or when we reflect on our own personalities.

We can say:

  • He’s a cool person
  • He’s down-to-earth
  • He’s laid-back
  • He’s easy-going
  • He’s type-A

These descriptors are all generally positive.


Cool, down-to-earth, laid-back and easy-going all mean someone who is calm and relaxed.

Type-A means someone who is very organized, ambitious, likes to plan and doesn’t enjoy “going with the flow” as much as others.

In the video, we practice pronunciation and how to use these phrases.

Watch the English tip video here:


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