5 Phrases Like Native English Speakers Really Say Them

The traditional English phrases you might have learned in a classroom are probably not the best examples of real-life, natural English. Natural English is what we do in everyday life, not in a textbook!

Why Should I Speak Natural English?

Having great, natural English means that you’re able to understand everyone who speaks English, and actually interact with them. Being able to communicate like a native in English is essential if you want to be able to go out into the real world and understand people speaking English.

How Can I Use What I Learned in a Traditional Class in the Real World?

The lessons you’re likely used to in a traditional class setting are not going to be very helpful if you want to speak like regular person on the street in the U.S. You have to learn to speak naturally, and not academically!

One way to take the knowledge you might already have from your previous learning experiences is to take those traditional phrases and “translate” them into real-life, natural English phrases. The traditional phrases are not incorrect, but the non-traditional way of saying these same phrases is more modern.

5 Phrases Like Native Speakers Say Them

Here are 5 common phrases you likely learned in your traditional English class, and 5 real-world ways to say them:

  1. Why? –> How come?
  2. Please repeat. –> Come again? or Sorry?
  3. Are you finished? –> Are you all set? or All set?
  4. To go to (a place) –> To stop by
  5. To meet –> To meet up

A More Natural Way of Speaking

If you want to sound more natural when you’re speaking American English, please try out these phrases and practice building your own sentences with them. Then, use them in real life with other English speakers!

Go ahead and click on the video below for more of Gabby’s awesome tips on how to sound like a natural English speaker!

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