5 Phrases to Speak English More Powerfully

In this episode, Gabby is going to share 5 phrases to speak English more powerfully. Many English learners are often taught English that is often too formal that it becomes a shock to them when they realize that most everyday conversations involve using slang words and expressions. Teaching different words, expressions, and their uses can be a great way to take a break from the traditional classroom learning atmosphere, and you’ll be surprised how useful they can be in a conversation with friends.

Now, what are these 5 phrases to speak English more powerfully? Watch the video below and follow along!

#1 – Just

This word is used in many different ways (Gabby can even do a whole course on just this word), so let’s focus on the more common ways it’s used:

I’m just not going to pass this exam – “just” is used for emphasis and to just add a bit more power into what you’re saying.

#2 – So

This word is used as an intensifier / to add more intense feeling into your sentence.

I’m so done with studying – I’m tired of studying!

#3 – To Die

This word is also an intensifier.

I’m dying to study English! – I’m really excited to study English

#4 – As If

This word is used to show an example, and generally to make expressions more colorful;

I’m studying English as if my life depended on it!

*Bonus: “As If” is also a slang expression that can mean “No.”

“Are you going to study for your Chemistry exam?”

“Hah! As if!” (Here, you’re doubting your own abilities to pass your Chemistry exam)

#5 – Even If

This word is used to give a condition.

Even if exercise every day, I won’t lose enough weight to go to the beach!

*Pro Fluency Tip: I Can’t Even!

This is a dramatic slang expression that native speakers use when they are tired of something.

I can’t work anymore. I’m so tired. I can’t even!

Learning slang, believe it or not, is almost just as important as learning formal English, especially in today’s society where street conversations almost always use slang words and expressions. We’re hopeful that these phrases will help you express yourself in English more powerfully in the future, and you’ll definitely be learning more slang as you grow your English fluency!

Watch the video below!

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