5 Secrets to Improve Your English Listening Skills

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Listening Strategy: Start with a Positive Mindset for Learning English

Listening in English is hard! Let me share five tips for making it much easier. When it comes to speaking English, you have to be your own biggest supporter. If you can get excited about your future success, making progress will be so much easier. Your improvement starts with your mindset. Start by believing in yourself and your ability to speak and understand fluent English. Even if it’s difficult at first, this “can-do” mindset will help you to keep learning as you go.

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Listen, Read and Speak in English

Try and find different ways to practice your English skills. Don’t just read English; speak it! Listen to it! These actions will keep you on your toes and open your mind to many different ways of studying the English language. It’s important to spend time developing each skill so that you can be comfortable in a variety of situations.


Choose Diverse Listening Materials

It is possible to learn about other topics while also learning English. Branching out to different areas of entertainment will build your vocabulary and challenge your memory and comprehension. Choose English materials that you are interested in. Also, choose English materials on topics that you are not familiar with so that you can expand your vocabulary more.



English listening skills

Guess First from the Context

Pay attention to what you’re hearing and the situations around you. Always ask yourself what you think might come next in the conversation based on your experience and logically what would make sense. Take a chance and guess what you might hear next. Learn to anticipate certain responses and vocabulary that you might need to use. This will help prepare you for what you hear.

Understand the Big Ideas

A big part of speaking English is using the correct sentence structure. In the English language, we put stress on different syllables and raise our voices at specific places in our sentences. You can learn more about how stress and accent affect how well you understand native speakers in the free video lesson Why You Can’t Understand Native English Speakers.

Focus on stressed key words to understand the most important information in a conversation. Let go of trying to understand every single word, because it’s more important to keep up with the conversation and comprehend the main idea. Once you can step back and make general understanding your goal, you’ll be able to fill in the details and solve any doubts later by asking questions.

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