STOP IT! 😮 5 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Be Fluent in English

If this is not your first experience learning English, no doubt you have already learned a lot of things over the course of many months or years to improve your fluency. But are you learning English the right way?

What Is the Right Way to Learn English?

What if we told you that learning English and improving your skills is not just about accumulating knowledge and facts? Improvement is actually about letting go! What does that mean? It means that you should be flexible and allow yourself to open up to new ideas and new ways of learning, and not feel as though you need to be stuck to one way of doing things! Learning needs to be efficient, but it should also be fun.

Five Things to Stop Doing While Learning English

Learn how to stop doing the things that are impeding your fluency! First, you can find all five of these tips (and so much more!) in Gabby’s ebook, The English Fluency Formula, which is available in both audio and text formats here!

Gabby’s 5 Super Helpful Tips:

    1. DON’T GIVE UP! If you don’t see immediate improvement in your English, don’t give up! It takes time to change the way you learn and to realize that you are improving. It’s all about patience and about enjoying the journey of learning English. Don’t fixate on your day-to-day improvement. Yes, it’s important to learn new things and to challenge yourself, but don’t fixate on whether or not you’ve improved a certain score or grade in a very short amount of time. Instead, focus more on what you can to do experience English on a daily basis. Some days, it might feel easy and as though English is coming naturally to you – and that’s GREAT! But on the days when you’re just not feeling like yourself, or you feel extra challenged, it’s SO IMPORTANT to not give in and give up! Remember: two steps forward and one step back is still progress.
    2. DON’T STOP READING! Don’t stop reading a book just because it seems to difficult! Don’t throw it away! Try perhaps to read something else, something easier, in the meantime, and then go back to that book that seems difficult. We’re willing to wager that, after a month of two, it will seem a lot easier to read! Like any new challenge that we are faced with, at the beginning they can seem extremely daunting. With patience and perseverance, slowly but surely the challenge becomes easier to tackle. Most important: give yourself time, and be patient with yourself!
    3. DON’T COMPARE! Don’t compare yourself to others! Every learner is unique and has their own goals and experiences. You should only compare your progress to YOURSELF! Your own goals and your own improvements over time are the things you should focus on.
    4. DON’T FOCUS ON THE NEGATIVE! It is SO important that you make every effort to not focus on what you cant’t do. We go where we focus, and if you’re focusing on the negative, it will distract you from your main goal. Lean into the positive things about learning English, embrace your accomplishments thus far, and use that positive energy to continue moving you forward.
    5. DON’T DO IT ALONE! Don’t try to do everything alone. Learning English is not a solo activity! You are smart and dedicated and you are SO capable of learning on your own – we have no doubts about it!! But so much about the English language, and therefore about being a fluent speaker, is about communication. And communication, by definition, means there are at least two people involved! It takes many people to learn a new language, so remember to always look for that camaraderie with other English learners like yourself, and with fluent English speakers!

At Go Natural English, our goal is to make learning English fun and enjoyable for YOU! We want you to succeed, we want you meet your goals and achieve fluency, and we want you to enjoy getting there!

Check out the video below to hear Gabby talk about why these 5 steps are such important reminders for you on your journey to learning awesome, fluent English!

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