6 Ways to Train Your Brain to Improve Your English Skills

Training yourself to continually improve your English and communications skills can be a challenge for many new learners, especially when you feel like your motivation is waning! How can you keep your momentum going and train yourself to be better every day? Read below to find out!

Take Care of Yourself!

Taking care of our physical health is so important, especially in a world where we live busy, often stressful lives, and there isn’t much time left for self care. Taking care of our mental health is equally as important, and this includes exercising our brain as often as we can.

Going to the gym is kind of like learning English, believe it or not. Taking care of your physical health is a priority to stay in shape and keep our bodies limber. Training your body to stay in shape is just as important as training you mind to stay flexible! Reading often, opening ourselves up to learning new things, embracing challenging experiences, and making a healthy effort to put into practice what we learn are wonderful ways to keep the mind alive.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your English communication skills right now is to train, to practice, and often! Every day is ideal but, like going to the gym, three times a week is a good goal.

What Are the 6 Ways to Train My Brain?

  1. Using the right materials is also very important. Don’t waste your time with old, outdated textbooks or focus on learning phrases you will never use (because, guess what, no one else will either). The natural way of speaking English is what you need to aim for.
  2. Don’t focus on learning individual words all by themselves. Your focus should be on learning current, usable phrases and groups of words that you can build sentences with.
  3. Ask more questions! Some people might think this is rude, or feel shy, but please don’t!
  4. If you can motivate yourself to ask more questions, you will do the next important step: show that you’re listening! When you’re in conversations with other English speakers, show interest in what they’re saying, follow along, and contribute. This shows that you’re interested in learning more.
  5. Understand that your native language is different — and that’s OK! Please don’t carry your previous learning into your English studies. Start with a clean mental slate and approach your studies with an open mind.
  6. Lastly, open yourself to embracing your mistakes! If you train your brain to actually enjoy making a mistake, you can learn quickly how to avoid them next time, and take away great learning experiences. Don’t be afraid!

Need a pep talk? Check out Gabby’s video below for more motivation as you learn and improve your English!

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