About Go Natural English

Go Natural English started as a YouTube channel in April 2011 to help adults from around the world learn to speak English.

Since then it has grown into an English language learning content creation company with a premium course that helps intermediate English learners attain fluency and confidence speaking English. Thousands of our ebook readers and hundreds of premium course members from over 134 countries have improved their English with our method and materials. We are:

  • 100% online
  • Offering a complete course with clear, effective lessons for rapid improvement
  • Using innovative technology to improve speaking skills and connect students
  • Teaching cultural understanding along with the language
  • Helping people achieve true communicative fluency — to express and impress!

Our current goal is to help at least 5,000 students with our premium course, Fluent Communication 2.0, and 2 million students learn with our free lessons on YouTube and here on the blog. We’re proud to have won the Digital Sandbox grant for small tech businesses in Kansas City, and to be a 100% location-independent team working from more than 5 countries.

The Go Natural English Team


Hi, I’m Gabby, Go Natural English founder. I help lead our team, strategize on how to help more students, and create content too. Go Natural English came from my desire to help my ESL/EFL students in a different, more effective, flexible, independent way than traditional schools offered.

I have a Masters Degree in Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and have been teaching for about 17 years. Originally I am from Minneapolis, MN, USA, but am currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. English is my native language and I’ve learned to speak Spanish, Portuguese and some Japanese and some French. I’m a language nerd! I love traveling, and doing activities like going to the beach, hiking, and dance! On rainy days I love books and museums.



Hello, bonjour!
My name is Mandy, and I am from the west coast of Canada. My country is a bilingual country, which means French and English are both our official languages. Despite that, I am only fluent in English (but I can understand some French!). But don’t worry – this makes me empathetic to your language learning struggles! Learning a language is not easy, and there may be moments where you may feel like giving up. That is where I like to help out. My favorite role with GNE is keeping students feeling motivated and empowered! In my spare time, I enjoy reading a good book (I have a BA in English Literature), cooking up a tasty meal, walking like an ancient sea turtle along the ocean or practicing my rusty kung fu. I live on an island with my three reasonably well behaved older children and two dogs, one big and one little, who all like to get into mischief together.



Hi! I’m Danielle, and I help create content — from videos to blog posts to social media — for Go Natural English. I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico, but I live in Boston, MA. I’m a native English and Spanish speaker, and I’m still working on my fluency in Italian, French, Arabic, and Catalan. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Music, and a Master’s degree in Journalism. I love to read, travel, experience different cultures, try new foods, and photograph and write about my experiences. And, I love languages because they are the spice of life!




Hi, I’m Jocelyn! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Mass Communications. I’m from California and I help people learn about Go Natural English by creating awesome marketing campaigns! I speak English, Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and some Spanish. I love traveling, learning about other cultures, dancing samba and flamenco, and I’m crazy about FOOD (my favorite dish is Korean tofu soup). I write an Asian food blog called ChopChicks in Paris, and I’m always looking for new places to eat! Voilá!


Hi, I’m Alana, and I edit the videos you see on YouTube and social media. I’m from Minneapolis, MN but recently moved to Brooklyn, NY! English is my first language but I speak a little Hebrew and I am learning Spanish after spending this past summer in Colombia. I graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Communication Arts/ Film Production. I love traveling, being outdoors (unless it’s winter in Minnesota) and all kinds of animals. I also play guitar and I am a big fan of puzzles and games!



Hey y’all! I’m Nikida from all over the United States and currently living in Austin, Texas with my new husband and two doggies. I create content for the Go Natural English course and I’m passionate about teaching people of all ages in and out of school. I love learning and experiencing new things, traveling near and far, and solving puzzles. I have a BA in Communication from UNC Chapel Hill and a Masters in Curriculum from Denver University and I love being able to merge the two skills. I’m easily excited so say hi and tell me what you’re excited about!


Hi, I’m Micah, and I helped create content for the members course. I train ESL teachers online with the International TEFL Academy and teach ESL classes to adult refugees and immigrants in Buffalo, NY. In 2015, I graduated with my Masters degree in TESOL, and received my New York state TESL certification in 2016. I’ve been happily married for thirteen years and have three super cute kids! In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, spending time with my family, drinking strong coffee, and watching football.