6 Things Native English Speakers (Americans) Never Say

Today we’re talking about 6 things that native English speakers never, or rarely say. They’re actually correct grammatically speaking, but rather strange and unnatural culturally speaking.

So, today we’re actually learning how to be more culturally fluent in English! You might already know most grammar rules and speak English pretty well, but this lesson is for you if you’d like to connect better with native English speakers. If you’d like to increase your confidence, fit in with society in the United States, or avoid faux pas with North American colleagues, definitely watch this lesson!


Here’s a quick list of phrases. Definitely watch the video lesson to get a full explanation of why each phrase is not normally used. As I say in the video, you might hear people use these phrases but they are not normal or culturally appropriate to use with people you’ve just met.

  1. Can I practice my English with you?
  2. I am fine, thank you. And you?
  3. How do you do?
  4. Are you married?
  5. You look tired. You look a little fat.
  6. How much rent do you pay? How much is your salary?

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