Inspiring Advice for Women Learning English

Influential Female English Teachers share their tips for international women To celebrate International Women’s Day, we have tips from the most inspiring women teaching English as a Second Language online. Through their social media, YouTube channels, online courses, and tutoring, their combined efforts are helping approximately 9 million women from all over …

When to Use the Article “An”

What is an Article? An article in English grammar could be “the,” “a,” or “an.” Articles are used to modify a noun — a person, place or thing. When to Use Articles in General We use “the” when we are referring to a specific noun, singular or plural. The important …

The Zero Conditional in English Grammar with Examples

The Zero Conditional Using the zero conditional English grammar tense is a good way to improve your English, make longer sentences, and speak more like a native. How do you form the zero conditional tense in English? It requires us to construct a sentence in two parts. We can make a …
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