Beginner Mini-Lessons

1000 Most Common Words in English

Here is a list of the 1,000 most common, or frequently-used, words in English. If you know 1,000 words, you will be between a functional beginner and conversational level in English.  In most of the world’s languages, 500 words will be more than enough to get you through any tourist situations and everyday introductions. …

How to Find the Time to Learn to Speak English

Time… it is necessary for improving our English speaking skills. But how? We’re already busy.​​​​​​Can you take 5 minutes to read this? It could make a difference in your English fluency for the rest of your life. ​​Today I’d like to offer two suggestions for making time to study without over-committing …


We have an AMAZING lesson for you this week, Naturals! The beauty of studying a language is that there’s always something new you can learn! Who doesn’t want to learn a language faster, better, more easily, with more fluency, and in less time? Definitely not us! 😄 And we’re pretty sure …
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