Listening Mini-Lessons

Should I Use Subtitles on Movies to Learn English Listening Skills?

Imagine that you’re watching a TV show to learn a language, most language-learners ask themselves “Should I use subtitles on movies to learn English listening skills?” When learning a new language such as English, most learners will ask themselves whether or not to use English subtitles whenever they’re watching their favourite …

How to Learn English with Movies or TV Series

Do you love watching movies and TV shows? If you’re like me, they are a significant part of your life, and a great way to learn about the American culture and language. Here’s how you can learn English with movies and TV! WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH? If you …

How to Sound Like a Native Speaker Without Words

Can I Sound Like A Native Speaker? It is possible to sound like a native speaker without using words. Generally, being understood by native speakers is one of the goals of learning English. There are many ways to do this: you can practice your conversation with others, you can listen …
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