Pronunciation Mini-Lessons

How to Pronounce “TH” Properly in English

Do you want to be able to pronounce the English Th sound clearly? It is completely normal as an English learner to struggle with the Th sound. There are two different TH sounds: the voiceless Th, and the voiced Th. A lot of people will try to say these sounds …

3 Words You Need to Know in American English

3 Words You Need to Know in American English We’ve been getting a lot of questions from everyone about the next 3 words that we’re going to talk about soon! Specifically, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how they’re pronounced and how they’re used in everyday English conversations. …

The R-Colored Vowel and How It Can Improve Your Fluency

What’s an R-Colored Vowel? An R-colored vowel is not a common sound, as it occurs in just about 1% of the world’s languages. American English is one of those languages! R-colored vowels are vowels that are followed by an ‘r’ — pretty simple, right? Not so fast! The ‘R’ Sound in …
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