Career Opportunity: Client Support and Sales

Welcome to Go Natural English!

Who We Are

We are an English language learning publishing company. We teach adults from all over the world how to speak English fluently and confidently online — for free, mostly, but we also offer premium paid courses and training. This is the core of our business.

Founded in 2011 by Gabby Wallace, our commitment to producing consistently high quality multimedia online lessons and premium training have helped us to reach over 10,000 customers in 134 countries, with over 100,000 monthly visitors.

And we’re proud to say that we’re now one of the most popular English language learning YouTube channels in the world with 1.5 million subscribers.

We’re in the process of growing a dream team of A-Players who are aligned with our core values, can own their roles, and provide huge value to the company, themselves, and the people we serve around the world.

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Our Approach to Client Support

This is what makes us different.

A customer isn’t a customer, they’re a client. Think about the difference between those two terms, and how you might approach a customer versus a client.

A client is someone you work to foster a long term relationship with, whereas a customer is a transaction.

At Go Natural English, it’s always been important for us to have top-tier support, as it can be the reason a client purchases from us again, or the reason they never purchase from us again.

Short response times, clear and thorough answers to questions, and a happy and positive attitude is all part of what it takes to deliver great service.

Your Roles and Responsibilities

We are looking for a positive, patient and supportive person to join our company as part of our client satisfaction team. This is a remote position, and it’s currently available part-time (10 hours/week).

Our aim is to have 24/7 client support, helping to guide clients through the purchase process, answering any questions they may have, and then supporting them with any questions they may have after they’ve become a member of our community.

It’s integral to have the best support in our industry, because satisfied clients purchase again, recommend our courses to their friends, and become raving fans.

You will be working closely with the marketing team who will take on board your feedback from our clients, and help to quickly solve technical problems which regularly arise.

Your role is on-the-ground, regularly talking to our clients:

  • Email client guidance
    • answering questions about products
    • showing a client why a certain product may or may not be a good fit for them
    • solving client questions
    • directing them to relevant articles
  • Client support emails
    • helping clients access their memberships
    • reducing refunds by solving problems in a timely and effective manner
    • processing refunds and revoking access where necessary
    • reaching out to clients for more information when needed
  • Some spreadsheet and organization of client information
  • Developing and organizing your own systems so that other team members can follow them
  • Replying to followup emails from potential clients
  • Using tracking software to watch clients use our website and navigate through our funnels, and then suggesting potential improvements to the marketing team

For this role, we’re looking for the right kind of person, rather than a person with most experience (although you will need some – outlined below). You should have high intelligence, an ability to pick up new skills fast, and a strong understanding of support.

We have internal documents for everything we do, including training exercises and systems.

You will learn client support inside and out, and we’re also happy to provide you with any personal development or role based training that could help you do your role.

Experience and Requirements

  • Clear, correct use of written North American English (fluency in other languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc are very helpful, too — don’t forget to mention them!)
  • 2 years of client support or sales experience
  • A happy and friendly attitude with clear communication and the ability to solve problems
  • Some sales experience would be beneficial
  • Experience with teaching English as a Second Language would be very beneficial
  • Email customer support (we use HelpScout)
  • Live chat experience
  • WordPress experience (for processing refunds, etc.)
  • ActiveCampaign (for updating user contact records)
  • A quiet, distraction-free place to work with high-speed Internet

Our Core Values

Our Core Values drive our team culture, priorities, processes, and output. These values set the tone for customer expectations in us, and set team expectations for each other. These values enable us to have a highly productive, creative, and cohesive team of winning A-Players.

We want our team members to embody our core values both at work and in their everyday lives. You can’t fake a core value, and because they’re so important to us, we’ve only included the ones that we feel are truly essential to the success of the team’s goals.

Be an Action-Taker, Not an Excuse-Maker

We don’t let obstacles stand in our way – we know the obstacle is the way!

Life and business is a game and we’re playing to win. It won’t always be easy. There will be challenges.

We take responsibility for our actions, take massive action, and operate with a lean, fast, and flexible team. We achieve seemingly-impossible goals by starting with the end in mind, choosing an opponent to beat, and setting milestones to reach along the way.

We take pride and celebrate both our successes and our failures, because we are not afraid of losing. Just as in language learning, making mistakes is part of the learning process that leads us to success in the end. People who avoid mistakes also avoid success. We focus on continuous growth through action, playing to win, reflection and improvements.

Deliver Massive Value

You can’t expect to be the best until you first deserve it. We have become the go-to resource for English learners by providing a level of education and service that is unparalleled by our competition. And we continually strive to outdo ourselves in any way we can.

Stay Positive

“When things are at their worst, be at your best.” Especially when faced with a challenge or difficult situation, it is important that we stay cool, respectful, kind and positive. We maintain integrity, do what’s right, and communicate thoughtfully and confidently. We stay focused on our goals and do not let momentary setbacks drag down our morale. We are always looking for ways to bring more positivity, accomplishment, and happiness into our clients and teammates lives.

Track + Measure = Improve (Never Stop Learning!)

To improve, we first must measure, and to measure, we must first track. Whether it’s a new marketing campaign, blog content, or a course video… there’s always room for improvement. And our data-focused mindset means we have access to information that allows us to scale more effectively than any of our competition. We take calculated action, make time for reflection and analysis, and move forward with calculated improvements.

Our Offer

This is an exciting opportunity at a young and fun online English language business. You’ll work with a great team to achieve clearly defined quarterly goals and help us stay on track with our business.

Hours and Salary to Start: 10 hours per week (approx 40 hours/month) at $500/month and value based raises and more hours from then on. Working hours are flexible but you must be highly communicative and meet response deadlines.

We run on a meritocracy: the more value you provide, the more we will be able to reward you. There is no top limit to what you can earn over time.

On top of a competitive and negotiable salary, we also offer:

  • A long-term career opportunity
  • A chance to grow with the business and team
  • Access to any training / development program you feel would help you with your life or career
  • A fantastic and fun team
  • Support in reaching personal and career goals
  • Unlimited vacation/sick time
  • Flexible work-from-home and remote time
  • Opportunity to travel the world for marketing events, all expenses paid
  • And plenty of opportunity to learn new tech tools and skills in client support and sales

Apply Now

As you’ve probably noticed by now, this is not like the average career listing… because we’re not looking for an average person.

We’ve done our best to both attract the best person for the role, and repel anyone who is not right for it (like any good marketing message should).

The ball is now in your court.

Below, you’ll find a form that’s been specifically designed for this role (please choose the right one from the list), and fill it in, in detail.

We will shortly followup with a series of responses including a first review, testing, an online interview, and more.

An A-Player will breeze through the application process, whereas a B-Player will not.

One final message before we finish: If you don’t have a strong interest in learning and personal development, you will unfortunately find that you’ll be left behind by the growth of the rest of the team. We ask that you please do not apply for this role.

You’ll also need to read through our Future Vision – this shares exactly what our company will look like in three years time. It’s important that anyone who applies for this job understands the direction we’re going on, and wants to be a part of it.

Explain in detail what your motivations are.
This is your chance to stand out. We want to work with the best people. Explain, in detail, why you are one of them.
We want to work with people who are on board and passionate about our shared vision.
Personality tests like Myers Briggs, Wealth Dynamics, Dark Triad, DISC, Harry Potter House, Creative Type (Adobe) are all very popular with our team. As well as being good fun, they can lead to insights into how other team members work and think. We're even producing our own. If you have taken any tests like these, please share your results above.