Coffee Drinkers Live Longer! American English Conversation and Vocabulary Lesson

New Study Shows 3 Cups of Coffee a Day Results in a Longer Lifespan

I just read an encouraging news article. It reported that drinking coffee can help you to live longer! I am excited about this because I love to drink coffee every day. I drink it in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon, too!

Anyway, I learned that experts did a study and because of the results they claim that 3 cups of coffee may result in a 1 to 3 month longer lifespan! That’s not a lot, but it is a positive change. It can be beneficial to our health. Maybe drinking coffee isn’t so bad after all!

Well, I went back and read the article more carefully. It actually says that coffee is more of an indirect reason for a longer lifespan. It reports that people who drink coffee and lived longer probably had an overall healthier lifestyle. Maybe they walk to the cafe. Maybe if they’re drinking three cups of coffee per day, they have more money and a more affluent lifestyle. Maybe if they have time to drink a lot of coffee, they are taking time to drink it with friends and have enjoyable conversations. That contributes to a happy and healthy life!


My Opinion on Coffee and a Healthy Lifestyle

Coffee is an important part of my life. Don’t ask me to do anything before I have a cup of coffee in the morning! It is part of my morning routine. It makes me feel alert, energetic and ready to start the day.

Ok, maybe I am a bit of a coffee addict. Anyway, I think it’s a good thing. After I drink my coffee, I usually take my dog for a run. The coffee gives me some extra energy to run, and we know exercise is good for health. So, for me anyway, coffee definitely has benefitted my lifestyle.


Vocabulary in This English Conversation Lesson

When you listen to this video, you can learn some vocabulary in context. I’m discussing the news article and my opinion with you, just like a real English conversation!

Here is the vocabulary I use in the video one more time:

Potentially good news

Coffee drinkers live longer! …perhaps

Experts who claim

Extend your lifespan







A direct reason

A longer lifespan

Healthy lifestyle



Link to source of information Рoriginal BBC article:

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