Top 10 Commonly Mispronounced Words in English – PART 2

Gaining Confidence with American English Pronunciation

As you’re learning to gain more and more confidence in speaking the English language, you’ll see that there are a ton of words that are easy to mispronounce. These mispronunciations are very common with English learners, and it takes some practice, so don’t worry if you’re having trouble pronouncing them at this moment! If you haven’t already, I recommend watching PART 1 of this awesome series here if you want more practice with words with the r-colored vowels. Keep reading to improve your pronunciation of commonly mispronounced words.

Why Are Some Words Pronounced Differently Than How They’re Written?

You’ll notice several English words that are pronounced differently than how they are spelled. It can be because some of the syllables in these words completely disappear, and you have to pay attention to the stressed syllables, or because some syllables blend together and sound like just one syllable. Remember that English pronunciation can be unpredictable, but it’s ok! We’re all here to learn and improve!

13 Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

If you want to learn how to pronounce some of these words and improve your American accent, then you’re in the right place! Let’s focus on what these words are and how they are pronounced:

Worm – /wɜrm/

Warm – /wɔrm /

Called – /kɔl/

Cause – /kɔz/

Chaos – /ˈkeɪɑs/

Jewelry – /ˈdʒuəlri/

Architecture – /ˈɑrkɪˌtektʃər/

Photograph – /ˈfoʊtəˌɡræf/

Vegetable – /ˈvedʒ(ə)təb(ə)l/

Comfortable – /ˈkʌmfərtəb(ə)l/

Chocolate – /ˈtʃɑklət/

Tuesday – /tuzdeɪ/

Wednesday – /wɛnzdeɪ/

For words such as ‘Wednesday’, ‘Jewelry’, and ‘Chocolate’, it is very tempting to pronounce some of these words as how they’re written. For these words, however, their second syllable disappears when you pronounce the first syllable. For words such as ‘Warm’ and ‘Worm’, pay attention to the distinct sounds. ‘Warm’ has a similar pronunciation to ‘storm’ and ‘worm’ has a similar pronunciation to ‘were.’

Little by little you can improve your pronunciation of these commonly mispronounced words. You’ll learn that if you can pronounce some of these words correctly, you’ll notice an improvement in your American accent. Try to imagine that you have a friend who is learning your native language and improve their accent, there’s a good chance they’ll mispronounce some words in your language. Eventually, they learn from their mistakes and become more confident as they improve their pronunciation and their accent, and these are the same steps you can use! Use your mistakes to help you learn the English language, and remember to also have fun doing it!

For those who have a desire to become fluent in the English language, it’s always best to have a positive, big-picture approach, and getting the Go Natural English E-Book: The English Fluency Formula can help with that. If you keep practicing your pronunciation, then you’ll be able to amaze others and yourself!

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