How to Connect with New Friends in English

Making friends who speak English is important for improving your English skills. You’ll enjoy connecting with people through English. When you are in a social situation or a professional networking situation, it’s important to talk with people in English.

If you want to become friends, the key is really to stay in touch with people over time. The key here is to get someone’s contact information to follow up with them about something you have in common, like an activity or interest.


  1. Let’s exchange info.
  2. Do you use Whatsapp?
  3. Do you have IG?
  4. Let me give you my email / IG / phone number.
  5. I’m going to an interesting event next week and I’d love to invite you.
  6. Is it ok if I reach out to you in a couple weeks about this?
  7. I’d love to follow up with you on this topic.
  8. Is it ok if we stay in touch?
  9. How can I connect with you after this?
  10. Do you mind if I get your contact info?

Try repeating these phrases along with the video lesson. Choose one or two that you can use again and again! Good luck staying in touch and making new friends in English.

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