5 Ways Continue a Conversation and Improve Your English Speaking Fluency

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When you study English in a traditional classroom, you usually learn individual words in vocabulary lists. This is great for vocabulary tests. However, it is not so great for creating interesting, fluent English conversation!

If you feel like you are missing something when it comes to English conversation, then keep reading!


Don’t Let Your English Conversations Die!

Do you ever feel like you want to talk longer with someone, but you’re not sure what to say? We often feel afraid to say or ask something in an incorrect way.

If you don’t know how to continue a conversation in English, it will die. You can’t always rely on your conversation partner to put in all the effort to keep your interaction going. That’s tiring for them and it’s unlikely they will want to come back to talk with you again! In order to be a fun, pleasant conversationalist in English, add these 5 questions and phrases to your English “tool kit.”

Most people dislike awkward silences between speakers. It makes people feel uncomfortable if no one says anything for more than a few seconds. If you don’t speak up and ask a question or say something quick, then it’s over. You can avoid ending your conversations prematurely with this lesson!

This English lesson is great for you if you are an intermediate to advanced English learner and want to develop your conversational skills. Do you feel like your English is pretty good, but you hesitate sometimes and don’t know how to continue a conversation? When you feel like you want to have longer conversations in English, but you’re not sure what to say, these four questions and one sentence will be the perfect tools for you to use!

Continuing to speak with someone is best done with questions that show your interest and curiosity. Of course you can add your own stories, examples, opinions and points. However, you should allow the other person space to talk about themselves too. That is best done by asking questions.


5 Ways to Continue an English Conversation

OK, are you ready? Here are my five favorite questions and phrases to get to know English-speaking friends. My suggestion for you is to review and repeat each of these. Imagine when and with whom you might use them next! Use them as soon as possible in real life!


English Conversation Inquiry 1:

What brings you here?

This is a great question for new people you have just recently met. You could make this question more specific according to the situation.

For example:

What brings you here to New York City?

What brings you here to this company?

What brings you here to this event?

This is the question to use if you’d like to know more about the person’s background.


English Conversation Inquiry 2:

What are you working on (these days)?

Talking about work is best for colleagues, but can also be used with new friends. You can learn more about projects and tasks that your English conversation partner is interested in talking about and sharing with you. You might find you have some common responsibilities!


English Conversation Inquiry 3:

What are you most excited about?

I really like this question because it is so open. Your English conversation partner can really tell you about anything they want to. They may tell you about a project at work, a hobby, or maybe a new baby on the way! You never know what you’ll learn about your friends with this question.


English Conversation Inquiry 4:

Tell me about _____.

For this one, you need to fill in the blank.

For example:

Tell me about yourself… your job… the traditional food from your country.


Use this phrase to elicit more information and get to know your conversation partner better.

English Conversation Inquiry 5:

What do you need help with?

I like this question because it is a great way to understand how you can help people. Helping people is a great way to continue your conversation and to get to know them. Maybe you’ll find out that you have skills that they need, or maybe you’ll know someone who can help them! Socializing is really all about helping each other. Try asking this question and you may be surprised what you learn and where it takes you.


What About Ending a Conversation?

Once you’ve talked for as long as you want to, it’s time to end the conversation. But how do you do this in a polite, casual and pleasant way? You just had a great time getting to know your new friend, so you don’t want to mess up the ending! Click here to watch a free lesson that teaches you 3 ways to end your conversations in English with ease!


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