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Build your confidence with our comprehensive package of practice materials! These are the materials you need to speak & listen to English more like a native. You’ll be amazed that no other English class ever showed you how English is really used — like this!

Get phrasal verbs, listening skills, phrases, travel English, reading skills and more! This is a package of materials you need to speak more like a natural, native English speaker.

The Fluency Mastery Pack is 100% digital with instant online access. It includes 4 audio ebook courses plus a bonus ebook:

(1) Launch Listening Fluency Text & Audio ($87 value)

(2) BONUS: The Travel English Expert Text & Audio ($79 value)

(3) The Guide to 200+ Phrasal Verbs Text & Audio ($79 value)

(4) The 100 Most Common Phrases in American English Text & Audio ($79 value)

(5) BONUS: Fast Forward Reading (Text only) ($15 value)

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(1) Launch Listening Fluency

You will improve your listening skills through hearing several short, fast-paced conversations between native speakers. Set in a workplace, this is a great way to improve your listening skills for your career.

Audio: 28 minutes, Text: 16 pages

(2) The Travel English Expert

When you travel internationally, it is practically a guarantee that you will need to use English for everything. Prepare and gain confidence for these situations with this pack of audio and text lessons.

Audio: 30 minutes, Text: 30 pages

(3) The Guide to 200+ Phrasal Verbs

Many English learners don’t know phrasal verbs… but YOU will know the most important ones with this guide! Understanding phrasal verbs is what sets apart the intermediate learners from the advanced speakers of English.

Audio: 45 minutes, Text: 45 pages

(4) Bonus: Fast Forward Reading (Text only)

Reading is the #1 way to build your vocabulary. Use this ebook to boost your reading speed and comprehension.

Text: 63 pages

(5) The 100 Most Common Phrases in American English

This is the best quick-start guide for understanding everyday conversations. Even advanced English students can benefit from this audio ebook guide, because you will learn phrases (not just individual words) that allow you to communicate with other English speakers easily.

Audio: 49 minutes, Text: 25 pages

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