Business Email Writing Cheat Sheet

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Parts of an Email

Basically, we have 6 parts of an email. The only really necessary one is #4, but all are important for sounding professional, thoughtful and complete.

1 – greeting

2 – social line

3 – opening line

4 – main point(s)

5 – closing line

6 – closing greeting

Useful phrases for opening emails

Opening greeting to one person

  • Dear Gabby,
  • Hello Gabby,
  • Hi Gabby,
  • To Whom it May Concern; 

Opening greeting to more than one person

  • Hello all
  • Hi new students,
  • To: All faculty members,

Social opening line / Friendly opening line

  • How’s it going?/ How are things?/ How are you doing? How are you?
  • (I) hope you had a good weekend/ a good evening/ a good trip (to…)
  • I hope you (and your family) are (all) well.

Useful email opening lines

Opening line mentioning the last contact between you

  • I got your contact from (person).
  • It was so nice / a pleasure to meet you (at (place) (day)).
  • Thanks for your phone call this morning / the information about / your interest in / your help with…
  • I would like to follow up with you about / regarding
  • Thank you for your email (yesterday) about…
  • Thanks for your quick reply. / Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
  • Thanks for sending me / for contacting me about / for attending / asking us about / informing us / giving us feedback on / inviting me to / talking to me about…
  • (I) just read your email about / (I) just got your message about / (I) just got your request for…
  • Sorry for my late reply / Sorry it took me so long to get back to you / Sorry not to reply sooner (but/ but I had to…) / Sorry for the delay responding…
  • Sorry it’s been so long since I was last in touch/ since my last email.

Opening line with the subject of the email

  • I’m reaching out to you because (purpose of email) 
  • I am writing to you in connection with / with regards to / in relation to / regarding / concerning…
  • I’m writing to you about the meeting next week / about your presentation yesterday / about…
  • I’m writing (in order) to ask / to enquire / to confirm / to check / to inform you / to follow up on / to let you know / to tell you / to thank you / to invite you to / to update you on / to announce that / to ask for a favor / to…
  • (This is) just a quick note to say…
  • As promised/ As we discussed, I’m writing to send you/ to…
  • I’m writing (to you) because I have just found out that / because I thought you’d like to know that / because I need / because…
  • Sorry to write out of the blue, but…
  • Sorry to write again so quickly, but/ Sorry to bother again so soon, but…
  • Sorry, in my last email I forgot to…

Useful phrases for the main body of the email

Mentioning attachments etc/ Mentioning information elsewhere

  • (For your reference,) please find the information/ the document/ some data/… attached.
  • Please see (the information/ the website/ the diagram/ the…) below (for more details/ for…).
  • I’ve pasted in the table below. / I’ve copied in an image below. / I’ve put a copy of the information below.
  • I’ve attached…/ … is attached.
  • Here’s the… (that I promised/ that you asked for/ that I mentioned/ that…)
  • More information on this is available at http://…

Highlighting important information

  • Please note that…
  • Important: ….


  • Could you (possibly)…?
  • Would you mind sending me (something)?
  • I was wondering if you could / if you would be able to…
  • I’d be very grateful if you could take action in the next few days / if you could…
  • I’d really appreciate (some help with)…

Enquiries/ Asking for information

  • Could you (possibly) tell me…?
  • (First of all) I’d like to know…
  • My (first/ second/ third/ next/ last/ final) question is about…
  • I (also) have a question about…
  • (If possible) I (also) need to know…
  • My three (main) questions are below./ Please find my three (main) questions below.

Answering questions/ Giving information

  • You (also) asked us about…
  • The answers to your question are below./ Please find my answers below.
  • In answer to your first/ second/ third/ last question…
  • To answer your question about…

Making arrangements/ Changing arrangements/ (Re) scheduling

  • I’d like to meet on… if you are available/ free then.
  • I’m available on… , if that is convenient/ okay with you.
  • I’m afraid I can’t make… (because…) How about…?
  • (Due to…) I’m afraid we need to put forward/ delay/ postpone/ put back/ cancel/ call off/ reschedule/ move/ rearrange…

Making complaints

  • I’m afraid I was not (very) happy with…
  • Unfortunately, … was not (really) what I expected.
  • I’m afraid I was not (completely/ fully) satisfied with…

Apologizing / Replying to complaints

  • I was sorry to hear about…
  • (First of all) I would like to apologize for…
  • Please accept our (sincerest) apologies for the inconvenience caused / for any inconvenience caused/ for…

Instructions/ Commands/ Demanding action

  • Just a (quick/ brief/ friendly) reminder that…
  • (In future/ From now on/ From next week) please make sure that you…/ Please ensure that you…

Giving bad news

  • We regret to inform / tell you that…
  • We are sorry to say / announce that…

Making announcements

  • I/ We would like to inform you that…

Useful phrases for closing emails

Closing line talking about the next contact between you

Closing line when you need a reply

  • I look forward to hearing from you (soon / by deadline). / (I’m) looking forward to hearing from you (soon).
  • Please let me know if that’s okay / if that is acceptable with you / if that sounds okay / if you can / if you can help / if you need an extension / if you need to reschedule.

Closing line offering more communication if needed

  • (In the meantime) if you need any more information,… / If you require any further information (about/ in order to/ before you/ to help you… / If you need (any) more info, please let me know.
  • If you have any (more) questions (about…),…
  • … please do not hesitate to contact me. /… please contact me. / … please feel free to contact me. / please get in touch. / … just let me know. / … just drop me a line (at any time).

Closing line mentioning the next (face to face) meeting

  • I look forward to seeing/ meeting you then.
  • See you on Monday. / next week / next… / See you at (place).
  • (I) hope we have the chance/ opportunity to meet again soon.

Other closing lines mentioning the next contact between you

  • Speak to you soon / then (referencing a time or place). / on Monday / on…

Closing lines with apologies/ Closing lines when responding to complaints

  • Let me know if that works for you. / I hope that is acceptable. / (I) hope that is okay (with you).
  • Once again, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused / for the inconvenience caused / for any inconvenience this may have caused. /  for the delay/ for…
  • Thanks for your patience./ Thank you for your patience.
  • Thanks for your understanding./ Thank you for your understanding.

Social closing lines/ Friendly closing lines

  • Have a good evening / day / weekend / holiday / vacation / break / trip /…
  • Say “Hi” to John from me. / Please send my (best) regards to John.

Other closing lines

  • Thanks again (for all your help/ for the info/ for bringing this matter to my attention/ for…)
  • (I) hope that helps.
  • Sorry I couldn’t be more help.
  • (I) hope that answers all your questions/ that’s clearer now/ that’s some help/ that meets with your approval/ that…

Useful closing greetings for emails

  • Best regards / Regards,
  • Thank you / Thanks,
  • Sincerely 
  • Best wishes
  • All the best / My best
  • Best wishes

Sample Emails

Hi John, 

How are you? I’m reaching out because our mutual friend Steve said I could ask you about your experience studying at Harvard University. I have just been accepted to study there and I wanted to speak to a few former students to find out how to make the most of the experience. Could you give me a few tips on that? If you have time, I’d love to schedule a time to talk with you on the phone. Let me know if that would work for you. 

Best regards,


Hi Helen, 

How’s it going? Congratulations for being accepted to Harvard! Sure, I would be happy to share as much as I can about my experience studying there. 

I’m available at the following times:

  • Wednesday at 2pm
  • Thursday at 12pm

Let me know if one of those works for you and send me your phone number. I look forward to talking with you. 



Hi John, 

I hope you had a good weekend! Thanks so much for making time to talk with me. The best time for me would be Thursday at 12pm. My phone number is 321-123-4321. I look forward to “meeting” you on the phone then. 

Thank you,


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