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What is English Insiders?

After watching English lesson videos on YouTube, you may wonder, “How can I improve more? How can I practice my English? And how do I know my level?”

You may wish for easier access to organized lessons and practice opportunities.

You are not alone! Hundreds of thousands of English learners from around the world (like YOU) are looking for this.

And THAT is why I have been working hard this month to create a NEW way to join my inner circle of English speakers — I call it English Insiders — and become fluent.

When you join English Insiders, you’ll have access to the premium audio/text/video lessons with quizzes and more — they will help you to become the best, most fluent English speaker you can be.

What can you do with the English Insider lessons? 
You can improve your skills in less than 15 minutes a day with premium recorded lessons and quizzes, in an organized sequence that guides you to fluency without doubts or hesitation.

Imagine you start your morning with coffee (or tea?), open today’s English Insiders lesson, and by the time you finish your morning beverage, you feel more confident and powerful in your English. This is a way to learn from anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.

That is all possible for ONLY $3 USD per month! That is correct, not a mistake. People have told me I am crazy to offer a month of premium recorded lessons and quizzes for just $3.00 USD per month. That’s 10 cents per day to become the best English speaker you can be. So there are NO excuses. English Insiders is the easiest, most affordable membership for advanced English fluency.

Join this week only for just $3 USD per month (and no this is NOT a joke)! Lessons will be released daily and you’ll get some weekly reminders and bonus tips in your inbox, but I’ll never spam you! You can also cancel at any time, no hard feelings (although I know you’ll love being an English Insider, and want to stay a while)!

A Sneak Peek Inside the Daily Video Lessons and Quizzes

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