Complete English Course FLUENT COMMUNICATION 2.0: Everything You Need to Know!

Congratulations on choosing to learn a new language! 🎉 Learning English is an exciting challenge, and we can’t wait to be a part of your journey to fluency.

Things like understanding how pronunciation really works, how native English speakers really speak in real life, and what vocabulary native speakers really use (versus old textbook vocabulary) are topics that so many students struggle with in traditional settings. At Go Natural English, we’re breaking that traditional mold, and giving you the tools you need to achieve fluency in today’s English, with modern methods and real-world knowledge.

Are traditional classrooms and teaching methods not working for you? Do you feel like you could be doing so much more with your time (and money!)? Do you want to be able to speak English confidently, and find personal or professional freedom through your language skills? Then please read on, and find out if our online complete Fluent Communication 2.0 course is the right fit for you! 🤩


If you’ve lost confidence in your English communication skills, if you’re feeling shy or hesitant to speak, you will gain back your confidence by being a part of our supportive, awesome community of other English learners and native speaker English teachers! The Go Natural English method is designed to close the gap between the traditional methods that don’t work, and the tools you need in order to successfully learn a new language.

If you’ve been studying English for years, and you’re still not where you want to be in terms of fluency, we hate to break it to you: you’re not doing it right! There is nothing wrong with you; you are 100% capable of learning English! But, if after years of studying, English still doesn’t make sense to you, you still can’t understand native speakers, and you still don’t feel confident participating in fast-paced conversations, you need to change how you’ve been learning, and find the right way to learn.

We’re here to teach you how to use the elements of learning English that are in your control toward achieving fluency. By improving your English fluency skills, you’ll be able to control more situations where you need to use English.

When we were babies, our parents didn’t give us lists of vocabulary words or charts with grammar rules. These are things we learn later on in school, but our first experience with language is simple: how to communicate, how to listen, how to speak, and how to express ourselves. We don’t learn about culture or idiomatic phrases by studying lists of individual vocabulary words. Why? For every vocabulary word that you do learn and remember, you forget three! 😱 These odds are not in your favor. In a traditional classroom, you will usually learn through fear of not doing well in class; this is definitely not a healthy way to learn. Instead, you need to learn through context, and how to apply what you learn in real, everyday life.

You can study all you want to memorize for a quiz or test but, in the long term, you will forget everything you memorized. If you want true English fluency, and power in your communication skills, our method will help you achieve confidence speaking English for the rest of your life.

You don’t just become fluent in English from speaking and writing on day one. What you need is a lot of listening, and a lot of reading, in order to have input, or examples, where you can “copy and paste” these examples into your own English communication.

If your pronunciation is not that great and you want to receive feedback to improve quickly, this is the method for you. If you want to improve from the intermediate to the advanced level, this method is for you. The Go Natural English Fluent Communication 2.0 course is the perfect place for you to feel supported, learn comfortably, and succeed easily!

How do you become a better writer in English? Well, you need to read more! How do you become more fluent in English? You need to listen more! Understanding the language first is the biggest part of learning to write and speak better in English. It’s easy: you just need the right method and the right materials in order to understand English, and have the power of English communication within your reach.

If you can’t understand what native speakers are saying, you’ll finally be able to pick out the important words, and understand the main idea, in a conversation. Not only that, but you’ll learn to understand more details, more nuances, cultural points that are a huge part of native conversation, and you’ll finally be able to interact and express yourself more like native English speakers do.


The Go Natural English method teaches you how to become a fluent English speaker, without spending more years in the classroom. Our complete course is like receiving six years of traditional classroom English education in just six months! This program can work for any English learner who is at least at the high beginner level or above.

We offer a taste of our complete course during our English Challenge Week, and we have several platforms on social media where you can find mini-lessons and tips for free. If you’re ready to take the next step and commit to becoming a fluent English speaker, the Fluent Communication 2.0 course is what you’ve been searching for.

This is a closed course where you will receive a much more comprehensive and organized lessons, which are organized by week and module. This will provide you with structure and consistency in your learning, and you will see the results in an organized and clear way.

Within our complete course, you will also have access to a supportive and active community of learners like yourself. By watching our recorded video lessons, you will learn step-by-step with the right listening input so that you can become a better speaker, with an awesome accent in English! You will receive all of our best methods and techniques, much more detailed lessons, and the support of the entire Go Natural English team.

You will get to practice your speaking via recorded video, and you will receive important feedback from our teachers. Your lessons will include quizzes for you to test your knowledge as you go, using the materials we provide you with during the program.

Imagine how it would feel to become fluent in English and confident in your ability to communicate in any situation. Imagine the possibilities that will open in your life and in your career. You will enjoy traveling more, meeting new people from all over the world, and communicating with them in English. Networking and  negotiation in your career will change drastically. The sooner you are able to control and use your skills in English, the better your life is going to be!


This course is designed for people who are ready to take their fluency to the next level. During the six months of lessons, you will need to commit to showing the following:

  1. Dedication: You have to dedicate yourself to the course, and to your learning journey, in order to see results. You need to watch the lessons, complete the quizzes, practice in our online community, and you need to be able to make a little bit of time each week to accomplish this.
  2. Attend Class & Use What You Learn: During this course, you will attend class on your own time. This is a self-study course and you determine the pace, which means you choose what day/time you want to study, and how long you study for. We know you are busy, so we’ve made the course as flexible as possible so that it fits easily into your daily life.

Because you can complete this 6-month course at your own speed, that means you will need to become an independent learner. This means that you will need to create a routine that works for you and your life, and stick to it! Our team is here to help you every step of the way, and we can’t wait to see how you succeed. But, first and foremost, the primary source of motivation and discipline must come from you!


We understand that this course is not for everyone, and that both the time and financial commitment can be an obstacle. We want you to feel confident knowing that, if you decide to enroll in this course, it will be worth it!

How much is it worth to finally stop worrying about your English? Have you been in a situation recently where you didn’t feel confident about your English? Maybe you felt nervous, or you weren’t sure what to say? Maybe you feel nervous, you don’t know what to say, your heart races and your palms get sweaty when it’s your turn to speak English in a situation? That is a challenge that we want to remove from your life with this course.

You can change your life with this program! In addition to the time and money you will save with this course, there are many benefits you can apply to the different aspects of your life. When you travel, you’ll have more confidence using English, as a global language of communication. You could find a better job, or be promoted to a better position within your company. You’ll be able to ask for better pay when you add English fluency to your list of skills on your résumé or CV. You’ll even be able to network with other members within the FC 2.0 group, and discover things you have in common, and how you might be able to extend that into your profession or career.

The average price for a traditional English course is about USD $2,000 per semester. We’ve compiled the equivalent of 6 years of study (or 12 semesters!) into one comprehensive course, which means it’s what you’d traditionally spend about USD $24,000 on! 😱💸 The cost of Go Natural English’s Fluent Communication 2.0 course is just USD $600 — a FRACTION of what you’d traditionally spend, and in a fraction of the time! You’ll also able to remain in the online community for a full year (six months in addition to the course), and you’re able to break up the cost of the course into six payments of USD $120, if needed.


We don’t want to waste your time or money, so if you’re ever not 100% satisfied with our course, we want you to let us know. At Go Natural English, we wouldn’t recommend joining a course that doesn’t have a good refund policy, or testimonials, or feedback and help during your time in the course. We are so confident that you will love our program that we are willing to provide our course members with two solid, amazing guarantees:

  1. Starting Guarantee: In the first 30 days of our program, if you decide that this course is not for you, or if you’re disappointed for some reason or simply can’t continue, let us know and we will refund your money!
  2. Complete Guarantee: If you take the entire course, watch every single lesson, participate in our community, and take every single quiz, and you still don’t feel that your English has improved, we don’t want to take your money!

If you’re ready to finally learn English the right way — fluently, confidently, and for the real world — click HERE to pre-register for our Fluent Communication 2.0 course today! 😎