Welcome to the Go Natural English FLUENT COMMUNICATION 3.0 course! 

I am SO happy you’ve made the great decision to join!

Here’s the first step – watch the new student orientation video to get a clear idea of how to use the course and what to expect.

Now, let’s get connected!

Email address for student members only: [email protected]

Facebook group – please request to join (You will see a question when you join asking you for your email address. Please tell us the one you used to purchase the course): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1490860614338854/

Whatsapp contact – I’m so excited to be able to send text, audio and even video with you privately to help you with your English. To connect with me on Whatsapp, please download the free Whatsapp app and connect using this link: https://wa.me/14242848696

I’m thrilled you’re here and I want you to know the Go Natural English Team and I are with you each step of the way. Simply respond to this email if you need anything. 

By the way, it’s normal if you feel a little lost at the beginning. Don’t worry! I’m here to help you, and you’ll feel more comfortable after you start to explore the course and connect with me and your classmates online. 

Contact us any time using these methods, or by clicking on the “assignments / questions” tab. In fact, why don’t you say a quick “hello” right now, using the form below?