Welcome to Go Natural English

Our Future Vision for 2022

This is Where We’re Heading

The date is Monday, April 11th, 2022 and the whole team has gathered round, with glasses raised, to toast 11 successful years of Go Natural English.

We’re holding our annual spring team gathering, celebrating with team members, family, and friends.

We’ve long been established as the largest English language learning website in the world, both in traffic and revenue. And we continue to serve hundreds of thousands of clients each year.

This document is our future vision and it walks you through our company, illustrating in detail our team, clients, culture, systems, and projects.

The first time you read this, just take it all in.

The second time you read this, visualise yourself as a key part of making this vision a reality over the coming years.

The third time you read this, engage your brain on “how” you will contribute your unique ability in making this happen.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without YOU.

Let’s build something truly meaningful (and highly profitable) together.

A Brief History

It all started on April 11th, 2011, when founder, Gabby Wallace, was training professionals in English fluency and business communication in Japan. That was all she needed to realize her new passion, and as part of a new dream to become an independent education publisher and trainer, she founded the Go Natural English YouTube channel and website.

The plan was to publish a few video tutorials on YouTube, help English language learners, create digital materials, and gain some recognition.

…but things got a little out of hand.

Traditional methods of English language learning weren’t working for people, and even online the other options for learning were not always helpful, accurate or easy to access.

As she shared her tips for English learning on YouTube, hundreds — then thousands — of learners from around the world started asking for more help.

In 2013, she published the first Go Natural English course.

And since then, GoNaturalEnglish.com has grown into a popular website with free and premium English lessons.

Our mission ever since then has to become the go-to resource for English language learners wanting to master English fluency and feel confident in their communication skills.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values drive our team culture, priorities, processes, and output. These values set the tone for customer expectations in us, and set team expectations for each other. These values enable us to have a highly productive, creative, and cohesive team of winning A-Players.

We want our team members to embody our core values both at work and in their everyday lives. You can’t fake a core value, and because they’re so important to us, we’ve only included the ones that we feel are truly essential to the success of the team’s goals.

Be an Action-Taker, Not an Excuse-Maker

We don’t let obstacles stand in our way – we know the obstacle is the way!

Life and business is a game and we’re playing to win. It won’t always be easy. There will be challenges.

We take responsibility for our actions, take massive action, and operate with a lean, fast, and flexible team. We achieve seemingly-impossible goals by starting with the end in mind, choosing an opponent to beat, and setting milestones to reach along the way.

We take pride and celebrate both our successes and our failures, because we are not afraid of losing. Just as in language learning, making mistakes is part of the learning process that leads us to success in the end. People who avoid mistakes also avoid success. We focus on continuous growth through action, playing to win, reflection and improvements.

Deliver Massive Value

You can’t expect to be the best until you first deserve it. We have become the go-to resource for English learners by providing a level of education and service that is unparalleled by our competition. And we continually strive to outdo ourselves in any way we can.

Stay Positive

“When things are at their worst, be at your best.” Especially when faced with a challenge or difficult situation, it is important that we stay cool, respectful, kind and positive. We maintain integrity, do what’s right, and communicate thoughtfully and confidently. We stay focused on our goals and do not let momentary setbacks drag down our morale. We are always looking for ways to bring more positivity, accomplishment, and happiness into our clients and teammates lives.

Track + Measure = Improve (Never Stop Learning!)

To improve, we first must measure, and to measure, we must first track. Whether it’s a new marketing campaign, blog content, or a course video… there’s always room for improvement. And our data-focused mindset means we have access to information that allows us to scale more effectively than any of our competition. We take calculated action, make time for reflection and analysis, and move forward with calculated improvements.

What Success Looks Like in 2022

Go Natural English is the most dominant source of English language learning information on the internet, with over 1,000,000 visitors a month.

We serve over 1,500 clients per month with our online trainings. And we have physical products ranging from playing cards and books, to merchandise and courses on DVD’s in over 100,000 homes.

Go Natural English runs like a well oiled machine, collecting over 1,000 leads (or customers) a day, with an average value of $75, generating at least $100,000 a month in revenue.

The team is energised by the success we have with meeting our goals, and the lives that are being transformed with our training. We work hard together, and we celebrate our successes with annual team activities.

Business is a game, and we’re playing to win. And although at times it can (and should be) hard, we enjoy the process and thrive off of our achievements.

How We Obtained Our Continued Success

We’ve always done thing differently; we strive for a higher standard.

Go Natural English started because there was a gap in the market for quality, accessible content, and it’s what brought us continued success.

Because content is king, and the more value we create for people, the more they will value us.

We’ve struck a balance with our website that allows us to put the user first (low readability grade, table of contents, accessibility, etc.), while still optimising our traffic for conversions (at least two popups per page, links to courses, content upgrades, etc.).

Typically as a site of our size grows, the conversion rate for the traffic declines. But we’ve been able to maintain ours by optimizing our offers for the categories that they’re being displayed on.

Our Team of A-Players

We’re proof that you don’t need a big team to get big results. With the right people, and a focus on what matters, we’re able to consistently achieve our ambitious goals.

Management Team

Management Team

  • Visionary Role – Filled by Gabby Wallace, she sets the vision and leads the team through each quarter
  • General Manager – Manages the day to day operations, from daily and weekly meetings, to hiring and onboarding

Premium Content Creation

  • Project Manager – Manages the premium course and ebook creation process, planning all contents, and executing to a strict timeline and leads client check-ins for quality control
  • In-House Expert – Works both in front of the camera to film courses with experts, as well as leads the technical side of our written content, leads client feedback process
  • Videographers – Film and edit all courses, free training, sales videos, vlogs, ads, etc.

Free Content Creation

  • Editor / Content Manager – Executes the production of at least 7 blog posts a week and runs this team
  • Writer – Produces the core blog content
  • Search Engine Optimization – Optimizes all of our content from the blog and YouTube to be easily found in Google
  • Support – The editorial assistant(s) helps to fill in where the team needs them, with structuring posts, research, and first reviews

Marketing Team

  • Marketing Manager – Manages the marketing team, executes the quarterly goals
  • Technical Marketing Assistant – Works on the back end of the marketing campaigns on YouTube, Social Media and Email
  • General Marketing Assistant – Runs all social media, some email writing, and creative marketing ideas
  • Copywriter – Writes all of our marketing materials from sales letters to lead gen pages
  • Data and Advertising – Runs ads (with support) across Facebook, YouTube, and Google
  • Support – Runs client support and fills in where the marketing team needs them

Each team also have access to their own remote assistants who can help them to execute their strategy.

Our Marketing

This is what makes us different.

The way we approach marketing has enabled us to scale our business, and reliably turn visitors into clients. And it comes down to two key factors: systems and data.

Systems allow us to easily execute the tactical work, so that we can focus our time and effort on the strategic. As these simply documented processes can be followed by almost anyone, they allow us to scales our results across multiple different campaigns with ease.

Data enables us to quickly make important decisions, through the use of dashboards and reports. Our data-based mindset allows us to approach everything we do with the future in mind, so whether it’s Facebook ads, email marketing, popups, or upsells… we always use proper naming conventions and automated reports.

When we combine these two factors, we’re able to execute the right decisions across multiple campaigns, fast.

The key to successful marketing is to focus on something that works, and get really good at it. That’s why we constantly evolve our processes and focus our attention where it matters most.

You’ll rarely find us trying a new form of marketing. Because the learning curve for success is time consuming and expensive, and we expect to fail fast and often when we test something new.

Only when we believe fully in the potential of a marketing technique do we go full-steam ahead. That’s why we’re starting to explore YouTube ads, but don’t build messenger funnels, or push notification lists.

Our Products

We sell a library of different products, and our approach to product creation ensures that we always create a product that’s in demand.

We start by analyzing the traffic we have, and if we have a lot of traffic to a category, but no product to sell, we start by creating a lead gen offer to see if we can increase the conversion rate. Then if that’s successful, we work with our writers to produce a book on the subject. If that does well, we then we create a course on the topic too.

We are always in the process of creating a new product, and customers love to come back time after time to access our latest training.

Our Culture

Our culture is based around working hard, continuously growing, setting and achieving goals, while still being able to take valuable time to relax and rejuvenate.

In the future, Go Natural English will have a local office and media production studio where team members can work together productively and get to know each other.

Personal and business development is fundamentally important to us, and this is demonstrated in the way we run our lives.

Our office will have a studio for education. A big screen TV, comfortable sofas and chairs, and a database full of all kinds of education resources. From premium courses and workshops, to documentaries and movies. The walls are also stocked with books, and each team member has a personal kindle with unlimited access to the books of their choosing.

The unlimited vacation and mental health days ensures that not only does a team member get to work hard and develop, but they get to rest and rejuvenate as they grow.