How to Start to Teach on YouTube (What I’ve learned after 1 million subscribers)

Lots of English teachers and even my own English students want to get started teaching online and making their own YouTube channels. But how to start when…

… YouTube is saturated?

… You don’t have money?

… You don’t have time?

I’m going to answer all those today.


Comment below: Are you an English teacher? A language teacher? Or would like to be?


If you have ever aspired to start a YouTube channel, this will be helpful. I’m answering the top 3 questions I get about starting your own YouTube channel and what I’m going to tell you will help you get started in the easiest, best way possible.


How to watch / get the most out of this video:

While you watch, I want you to comment and tell me if you agree or disagree. I’m sharing my opinion from my own experience. At the end, I’m going to share a link with you if you are interested in getting more tips like this video. I’m also going to tell you about a tool I use that has helped me double my channel every year for the last 3 years.


Is YouTube saturated?

Yes, pretty much every topic is on youtube. However, Your channel is your topic PLUS the way YOU do it. Your experience, personality, examples, style. No one can replicate that.


How much money do you need for equipment? 

A big mistake is to assume you need to go buy all the best equipment. A lot of people do that, then wonder where all the views are. The most important is to create, and start a relationship with your audience. Improve your quality as soon as you can, but don’t make it the first step. Create today with what you have.


How much time do you need to commit? 

Make videos about something you already spend time doing and you will come up with content very quickly.


Save a lot of time by using a tool called TubeBuddy. I use it to help me with the meta data, ie. add tags to my videos, and it even lets me check to see other creators’ video tags and see where my tags rank! It also helps you with trackable links to promote your videos, A/B split testing, reminds me of best practices so I never forget a step.

Resources for teachers

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