Helping Native English Speakers Helps Your Fluency

johnhain / Pixabay

If you love to travel, visit foreign lands, and meet interesting people, then learning a little of the country’s language will help you enjoy the experience that much more. Generally speaking, if you try to speak with people in their own language, they will go out of their way to communicate with you, and help you if you need assistance.


In this podcast, Gabby talks about an experience she had while traveling around Japan, and how meeting people in the rain presented an opportunity to practice communication skills. In fact, if you put forth a little effort, opportunities to communicate and interact with others can be found just about everywhere. The key is to put yourself in those situations where you will be able to communicate, and you will be amazed at how much better your understanding of English will become.


Be sure to reach out to Gabby either at, or Facebook, or Twitter and don’t be shy. Ask questions, make comments, express yourself, and improve your English fluency at the same time. The more fluent you become, the more you will enjoy your experiences communicating in English.

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