How can I use Angry about, with or at Learn American English Phrasal Verbs


Have you ever been angry? Anger is an extremely intense emotional reaction. In this English tip, Gabby explains three phrases that are commonly used in English conversation – “angry about”, “angry with”, and “angry at.” You must be able to express yourself when talking about your emotions and anger is certainly a very strong emotion.


In this English tip episode, Gabby explains how native English speakers use these phrases and under what circumstances. The key thing to remember is that “angry with” generally refers to people. You might hear, “I am so angry with my brother for embarrassing me in front of my friends.” The phrase “angry at” will also refer to people. You might hear, “I am angry at the coach for trading the star player.”The phrase “angry about” typically refers to situations. You could hear phrases like, “I am angry about the court’s decision this afternoon.”


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