How (Not) to Introduce Yourself in English


Meeting people from different parts of the world is very fun. The first thing we usually do when we meet someone new is to introduce ourselves. It is nice to have a good impression to someone you just met. Isn’t it?


Oftentimes, non native English speakers feel nervous, scared or shy when introducing themselves using the English language. They are afraid fluent English speakers will laugh at them when they commit mistakes.


In this video, we will learn how to effectively introduce ourselves in English. These points will make us more confident.


Here are the tips cited in the video:


  • Say your NAME clearly
  • Share relevant information depending on the situation
  • Allow people to ask you follow up questions
  • Look for connections — seek similarities with other people


Introduce yourself in English naturally! Bring your skills into the next level, use what you learned from this video tip and see your improvements in fluency real soon.




Photo Credit: Stuart Miles


Exposure to English & the right method of learning are keys to fluency

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