How to Improve English Fluency with the Recording Method

Why Learn English with a Method

When you’re learning English and want to reach fluency, it’s important to be strategic. Most English learners have been taught to simply memorize what is in their textbook, as if that would lead to fluency. It does not.

It’s important to use a method because it gives you a structured way to practice, learn and improve your fluency.

The Recording Method is what I came up with to practice and learn other languages, and to improve my fluency — especially my speaking skills.

Let me share with you how it works! It could change the way you learn. Also, there’s no risk to try it out since it is a free way to learn English.

You can read more about the Go Natural English method and the 7 Steps to English Fluency here.

Who Should Try the Recording Method to Learn English

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you will benefit from trying the recording method:

— You want to improve your English, but you have no one to practice with

— You like being an independent learner and taking control for better, faster results

— You want to improve your accent, pronunciation speaking, and/or fluency in English

— You are open to trying new ways of practice and learning

Did you answer “yes?” Then keep reading…

What is the Recording Method?

Now I’m going to tell you exactly how to try the recording method, step-by-step. You should definitely watch the video below to see how I do it.

Step One – Find an audio or video material in English made by native speakers that you would like to copy (intermediate English learners), or think of a topic you would like to speak freely about without copying (advanced English learners).

Step Two – Find a device that allows you to record your voice, for example: your smart phone, laptop, camera, or other audio recording device. There’s no need to buy any new equipment, since you or a friend surely has one of these items already!

Step Three – If you’re copying a material, listen to it first. Start small with one sentence. Reading out loud is easier. Memorizing the sentence and repeating it without looking at the words is more difficult. See if you can challenge yourself to memorize the words, as it will help you remember the vocabulary and pronunciation later! Then record yourself saying the sentence. If you’re not copying a material, if you are speaking freely, simply record yourself. If you want a challenge, set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes and speak without stopping the entire time as you record yourself.

Step Four – Listen to your recording. Do you notice any differences between you and the material in English? Check for pronunciation, flow and speed.

Try sharing your recording with others to get more feedback.

After you check your own speaking for differences and get feedback from others, try re-recording your own voice better this time.

Repeat as you like, and notice your improvements!

Watch the video explanation below to see how I am using the recording method to learn Portuguese:

How to Use the Recording Method in Our Complete English Course

In our complete English course, Fluent Communication, we make use of the recording method each week with assignments to record yourself and post to our private forum for feedback and encouragement.

It’s an excellent way to see your own progress! All you have to do is take a few minutes to make your recording based on our course materials, post your recording, and then get all the benefits of an amazing community and Go Natural English teachers that can help you with feedback.

Learn more about our complete English course and how it can help you improve your English speaking skills here.

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