How to Improve Your Listening and Vocabulary in English

Do you feel like your English skills are lacking due to a small vocabulary? The key then is for you to listen more, read more, and speak more. According to statistics, more than 50% of English words come to us from Greek and Latin roots. This should be encouraging because as your usable vocabulary grows, you will better be able to understand and figure out the meaning of more and more words.


In this lesson, you’ll learn the importance of reading English materials and listening to the spoken English word. First, you need to determine the vocabulary you will need to reach your audience.


Reading will help your eyes learn to see how words are used in particular contexts while listening will allow your ears to recognize proper pronunciations. If you want to improve yourEnglish to interact with doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals, you will want to focus on terminology specific to that field. Likewise, if your goal is to travel the world or become a travel agent, you will want to focus on that industry’s language.


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