How to Know Which is the Strong or Weak Syllable – Learn American English Pronunciaton

304605541_22c019298d_zIn this video, Gabby answers a question from an awesome member of Go Natural English community. His question is, “How do we know the stress in an English word?”


What is stress? It is the emphasis given to a syllable of a word by pronouncing the word louder than the other syllables. It is a very important element of the English language.


It is used by the English speakers to communicate accurately with one another. It is also one of the essential factors to being understood in English. To avoid misunderstandings let us use the proper stress of the words.


Here are various factors affecting the stress that we put on the words.


  • Suffix
  • Origin
  • Is it a noun or a verb?




For effective English communication, let’s put the appropriate stress of the words. Put what you learned in this video episode into practice. Make the English language part of your daily life and see your improvements rapidly.



Photo credit: Brooke Novak

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