How to Pronounce Words Like Better, Water in an American English Accent

How important is pronunciation in English communication? It is important that we enunciate the words correctly to be understood by our listeners, the people we are talking to!

With proper pronunciation, you will be able to express your thoughts effectively. People will love listening to you and communicating with you.

In this video, we will learn how native American English speakers pronounce words with Ts in them.

Words that have a T in them, in between two vowel letters, and regardless of whether it is a double T or single T, the sound will change from a T to a D.

For example, the words “better” and “water” in American English sounded like “bedder” and “wadder.” These words would sound totally different in British English, for example.

Americans like to rebel and do things differently! Have you noticed? 😀 This method of pronunciation is used in the United States. English speakers in other countries like the United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries in Europe and around the world, pronounce their Ts more forcefully.

Click below to watch Gabby’s lesson on how to pronounce these words like an American!

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