How to Think in English with Apps on Your Smartphone

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There are a lot of English learning apps out there (and I’ll share my favorite with you here), but what about using other, everyday apps in creative ways to improve our English fluency? You use apps on your smartphone every day, so how about using them to help you start thinking in English?

How to Use Everyday Apps to Practice English (and Start to Think in English)

What if we used everyday apps to practice English? We can create a kind of immersion experience in English when we use apps that are and are not intended for language learning. How can we use language features on regular apps to improve our English? Which apps do you use on a daily basis? I’ll share the ones I use every day and how you can use them to improve your English and start thinking in English.

The Problem With the Way We Learn to Speak English in the Classroom

Nowadays, most people still usually learn English in the classroom. In this way, English learning is confined to the hours we spend in class. This is not an ideal way to learn. In order to become fluent in a language, we need to make it part of our lifestyle! If we are going to Think in English, we need to integrate it into our daily lives. What is something we do every day? Well, for me, the first thing I think of is that I use apps on my smartphone every day. How can we use these apps to improve our ability to think in English?

Everyday Free Apps That Help You to Practice Every Day and Think in English

Alright, here are 7 ideas for using everyday apps and a language learning app (Duolingo) to easily and quickly start to think in English with your smartphone.

Make to-do lists in English with Google Keep

Create your schedule in English with Google Calendar (and set your calendar in English)

Use Google Assistant or Siri in English and see if she understands you, and if you can understand her

Follow social media accounts in English & comment in English

Record yourself speaking English with Voice Memos or Voice record and listen. Do you notice any ways you can improve?

Listen to podcasts in English like the Go Natural English Podcast 

Try downloading Duolingo to play English-learning games. You don’t have to plan what to study, just download and go!

There you have several easy ways to start thinking in English by using these apps in English.

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