How to Use the Word Though in American English

Some English words are more tricky than others. This is certainly the case with the word though, with both the pronunciation and the how to use often confusing new learners. In this video, Gabby gives you a quick lesson on the word though, how it sounds and how to use it properly. By the end of this lesson, you will know how to use the word though in American English!

Pronouncing the word though

If you want to be able to use the word though in American English, the first step is learning how to pronounce it. “Though” is an unusual word because of the spelling, it is not phonetically correct. It is a great word to practice because it mixes together the “th” sound and the long “o” sound, sounds that are difficult for new learners to master. Because “though” is a common word used by native English speakers, it is an important word to pronounce (and use) correctly.

Using the word though

We use “though” in two different ways, one that is formal (or proper) and one that is informal (or casual). Using “though” at the beginning of a sentence sounds more formal and is perfect for the written word. Using “though” at the end of a sentence sounds more casual and is perfect for casual spoken conversation.


The beginning of a sentence (formal):

“Though I wanted to go on that hike, I have to work today.”

“Though I would love to try that chocolate cupcake, I am trying to eat healthy”

“Though I don’t usually get frightened easily while watching movies, that one was really scary”

The end of a sentence (casual conversation):

“I wanted to go on that hike today, I have to work though.”

“I would love to try that chocolate cupcake, but I am trying to eat healthy though”

“I don’t usually get frightened while watching movies, but that was a really scary one though”

Watch Gabby explain how to use the word “though” in American English in the video below!

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