How to use the word “Through” in Many Different Ways

3776887321_7772630e5b_oThis video episode tip tackles about tips on how to use the word “through” in different situations.


One of the most common ways to use “through” is to express that you are finish with something. It’s the same when you say that you completed an action.


Another common use of “through” is to express that you are looking at something but it’s a little bit different with “at.” For example, I’m looking at this book. When I open and look at each page, I’m looking through the book. In this example, it means that you are looking through a lot of pages from one point to another.


One use of the word “through” is when you are looking through the window or looking at something outside the window.


Now, Gabby mentioned that there are a lot of phrasal verbs combined with the word through and you will be able to distinguish their differences if you practice applying the word in your daily life as much as possible. Remember, applying what you learn regularly will enhance your English skills.


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Photo Credit: jen collins


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