2 Ways to Use “Have Had” in a Sentence

Using “Have Had” in a Sentence

Knowing the effective use of “have/has had” is good knowledge to have in order to talk about an event from the past and connect it to the here and now. Also, this is a technique describing an event that has not necessarily been completed.

In the video, Gabby talks about the use of have/has had” and gives examples of how it is can be used. Believe it or not, the reason why this tense is challenging for English learners is because it’s not a tense native speakers use very often, so don’t worry too much if you are not sure how to use it. Let’s talk more about the 2 ways to use “have had” in a sentence.

How Do We Use It?

We’ll use a simple sentence to explain how “has had” Is used, and it’s used in explain two similar situations:

Let’s see how “has had” is used in an example sentence below:

David has had a nice car.

  1. Experience
    1. Depending on the specific context, this sentence can refer to a past experience. In other words, David has had a nice car (in the past).
  2. Connecting the Past With the Present Moment
    1. David has had a nice car (in the past), but he doesn’t have a nice car now in 2018.

Got it? If not, then let’s continue learning how to use “have had” using another example sentence below:

I have had a wonderful time traveling around the world.

  1. Experience
    1. This person had a great past experience traveling around the world.
  2. Connecting the Past With the Present Moment
    1. This person had a great past experience traveling around the world, but this person is no longer traveling today.

Let’s try one more example with the sentence below:

Mandy has had a lot of experience with languages!

  1. Experience
    1. Mandy has past experiences with languages
  2. Connecting the Past With the Present Moment
    1. Mandy has past experience with languages that are still important today.

English is a living language. Becoming fluent will help you meet people, develop relationships, and accomplish things. Understanding the terms, “have/has had” will let you speak conversationally and express yourself more clearly. Go Natural English will not only increase your knowledge of the language, but it will also give you the confidence to go out and practice your English.

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