I would like to know how to use “Perhaps” and “Probably”like a Native English Speaker

Perhaps you’ve played around with the idea that you’d like to try to learn to speak English but you’re not sure, or perhaps you’re nervous that you won’t be able to do it. Go Natural English takes away a lot of the pain and frustration involved with trying to learn another language.

In this episode, Gabby tackles the problem of when to use the words “probably” and “perhaps.” When you use the word “probably” you are speaking with a certain amount of confidence that something will happen. On the other hand, when you use the term “perhaps” there is also an amount of uncertainty involved. You are just not sure that something will happen, but it is a possibility.



Episode transcript below:


Hey! What’s up? What’s happening?

Welcome to Go Natural English.

I have a great question from an audience member, Ali.

Ali asked, “What’s the difference between “probably” and “perhaps?”

So, the quick answer is that “probably” is like 80% – 80% sure or confident.

“Perhaps” is like 40% sure or confident.

But we can also use these words as softeners.

So, if you’re really sure and 100% confident about something but you just want to seem nice and you don’t want to seem too direct or bossy, you might use “probably” or “perhaps” as a way to soften your message.

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