How to Improve your Listening and Pronunciation in English – Shadow and Repeat

So, you’re probably wondering “how can I improve my listening and pronunciation in English?” Imagine this:

When you’re walking outside on a sunny afternoon, it’s almost impossible to not notice your shadow — a dark area underneath you, and it always happens after the light, and it doesn’t always happen outside — it can also happen in any place where there is light (either from sunlight or from a lamp light), and your shadow tries to look as much like you as much as it can. There is a language-learning technique very similar to this concept that can be used to learn a language that can teach you how to improve your listening and pronunciation in English. So what is this special technique called?

Shadow and Repeat

Just like I said before, the shadow always comes after the light. In language-learning, shadowing is a pronunciation technique that is done by hearing someone say a sentence, and then immediately repeating what this person has said. When you’re listening to someone speak, you are trying to repeat their words as quickly as you hear them.

How Do I “Shadow” Someone?

Think of your favorite movie or your favorite actor, and think about how often do you watch their movies in English. Do you listen to the words they say, and do you try to repeat what they say?

Do you have a favorite artist/band? Do you sing along with their songs in English? You can shadow anyone! It can be a movie, the news, a song, or a favorite speech from an important person! Here are suggestions on “shadowing:”

  • Choose a topic that you enjoy. It will be more difficult to shadow someone if you’re bored with what they’re saying.
  • Listen to this person speak. If you do not know what this person is talking about, then it might be better to not shadow them.
  • If you’re shadowing a character from a movie, use subtitles. Also, use a dictionary to find the meaning of words you don’t know.
  • If you’re shadowing a character from a movie, practice shadowing them a few times until you can repeat at the same speed as them.

Watch the video to see how to shadow someone! You could also shadow with me as well!

Will This Help Me?

Shadowing is an awesome technique that is used to improve your pronunciation because you’re forced to copy the speaker’s voice and their speech patterns such as their pacing, their intonation, and even their accent, all of which are very different from one language to another.  You’re also repeating exactly what the speaker is saying, and this will help you remember vocabulary much better.

It’s not impossible to learn how to speak like a native speaker, especially when you use this technique. Also, don’t worry too much about making any mistakes. You’re not going to shadow someone correctly the first time, but with more practice, you’ll be able to improve your speaking, listening, and vocabulary skills!

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