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Student Support Assistant (click to drop down description)

SEEKING Student Support Assistant

I’m looking for my right-hand teacher who can provide ongoing, consistent, quality student support. You will be able to keep the time-sensitive day-to-day student services operations running and ensure all students receive the same quality interaction. This position’s key roles are (1) to provide encouragement, feedback, and leadership in our course community (including posting short videos), (2) to answer student and potential customer emails, (3) to host live online support hours and (4) to manage a Facebook group one week per month.

About You:

You may be an ESL teacher, or have ESL tutoring experience and looking for a few extra hours per week where you can work from anywhere.

You have a passion for helping people. You’re an amazing listener and have a demonstrated ability to give encouragement and motivation. Also, you have the ability to quickly spot errors in English writing and speaking and to explain corrections in a clear and encouraging way.

You process large volumes of inbound customer service requests—including praise, sales questions, payment questions & disputes—seamlessly, quickly, in simple English and with professionalism & personality. You’re really good at quickly reading emails that are often not written clearly, deciphering what that person needs, and selecting an appropriate response. You also are not afraid of suggesting that the person invests in a paid product or course if it will help them reach their goals. You are able to stay firm but polite and unaffected when people may communicate in a less than positive or appropriate way.

You really love checking items off on to do lists, and are capable of creating your own to do lists to organize your responsibilities according to priorities. After initial training, you will not need me to tell you what to do. You’ll simply confirm what your goals are for the week and that you have completed them. You also know how to stay efficient, batch tasks when possible, keep your eye on business goals, not get distracted, and manage your time well. You are extremely communicative, but also know how to work independently. You can take initiative to think of ways to improve your performance and even how to serve our students better.

You can learn a new software faster than I can say “new software” and you’re a systems extraordinaire. You are 100% comfortable working online and excited to help our students learn online.

You’re also driven by excellence, but know that done is better than perfect.  You are insanely organized and addicted to getting things done. You are an executer and implementer. You are focused. You’re excellent at seeing a task through to completion before moving onto something else. When you have several unrelated projects and tasks, you have a simple way of prioritizing them and powering through. When you don’t understand something, you try to figure it out on your own first because you’re savvy & resourceful. If you’re still uncertain, you request help without second guessing yourself or thinking you’re bothering me. You are a ninja of organization & efficiency. I never need to worry about what’s happening and when… because you’ve got it covered! You also communicate that you have it covered so I know that (you also know I don’t read your mind).

You’re driven by metrics. You know that you can’t improve something unless you measure it, so you develop ways to measure your performance so you’re always improving. You are excellent about keeping track of your time worked (when and how much), as well as the number of messages responded to. And, you know your role includes being an excellent communicator, so you are comfortable with a daily check-in and helping me by keeping your ear to the ground and reporting on what you’re hearing, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. You communicate clearly and confidently. If you disagree with something, or you’re not sure about something,  you communicate that without hesitation.One of your superpowers is customer empathy, and you can step into a role and master the brand’s voice & vibe almost immediately.

You don’t mind getting on an online call a few times a week, or using Whatsapp for quick communication with me. When you’re working or in a meeting with me, you’re able to give 100% of your attention to the task at hand and not distracted by other people, tasks, or social media at the same time.

You have a professional-looking (ie. white-wall background), quiet place to work from with a high-speed internet connection. You are reliable, consistent and enjoy keeping a routine and schedule.



Primary responsibilities will include student support (email, in-course student support, Facebook group management, office hours).

This is a work-from-anywhere job. Work hours can be negotiated, but need to be daily (M-F), consistent, around the same time each day for 10-15 hours per week.

Compensation is $10 USD/hour for the first 30 day trial period while I am training you on the job. The trial period is for both of us to make sure it’s a good fit. After that, pay will increase to $14 USD/hour.



  • Experience teaching or tutoring English (ESL)
  • Excellent English and communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Experience encouraging and motivating adults
  • Customer service/support/sales
  • Payment disputes (Knowledge of Stripe & PayPal are ideal)
  • Admin support – email
  • Facebook group moderation
  • Work with non-native English speakers and diverse cultures



Ideally you know how to use most of these, but it is part of training to learn.

  • Asana/Trello (Project Management)
  • WordPress (Landing pages and blog)
  • Member Mouse (Membership platform software)
  • Stripe & Paypal & Hotmart
  • Help Scout (Customer Support platform)
  • Google Docs (spreadsheets, docs)
  • Dropbox
  • Calendly
  • Facebook groups
  • Zoom online meetings
  • Amazon S3



  • Fluency in Portuguese
  • Experience tutoring ESL learners ONLINE
  • Experience coaching (business or life)
  • Experience in PR, sales and/or marketing
  • Experience as an administrative assistant



  • You want to start your own English teaching business online.
  • You find it difficult to work independently or to build a routine working remotely.
  • You’re looking for something temporary. This is intended to be a long-term position for the right fit.



Hiring immediately, so complete the application now if you’re interested in the role.


Thanks for your interest!

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