Learn How to Use the Word “Just” in English

Why do native English speakers use the word “just” so much?In this episode, you’ll find out how to understand and use the word “just.”

Why do English speakers use the word “Just” so much and what does it mean?
“Just” is both a noun and an adjective. It can mean “Fair” but in a different context, (the most commonly used) it means “Only” or “Merely”.
One example of this is Nike’s famous slogan, “Just do it”.
This is meant to inspire you to be active. Don’t doubt or think too hard, “Just do it”.
The same goes for speaking English. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes; even native speakers!
The next example is, “It’s just a dream”.
This discounts an idea as something silly or maybe even impossible.
Here’s another example, “It’s just that…”
This is used when introducing a new idea. It is almost like saying, “But” or “However”.
“Just” is a very common word and it is hard to define it exactly since there are several different uses for it. But, when you can pick up on the patterns and contexts in which “Just” is applied, there will be less confusion.
In the meantime, don’t stress yourself out or worry about messing up.
Have confidence and just do it!

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