Learn Fluent English – 3 Ways to Use Awful Like a Native Speaker

In this English tip episode, you’ll learn how native speakers use the word “awful.”

Native English speakers use the word in 3 ways. Awful can describe something bad. Awful can also be a good thing! It can be used for emphasis, like the word really.

Although many native speakers use awful as an adverb without the -ly, it is not correct.

That’s OK because today’s tip is not a grammar tip. Today I just want to share the way that you will hear many Americans speaking English.

This usage in English is very common and is not bad. However, you should know that it is not correct, grammatically speaking.

Enjoy the English tip! I hope it helps you to understand Americans when you listen and participate in conversations. It’s your choice if you’d like to use awful in this way, too, like a native speaker!

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