17 Secrets to Native English Listening Skills
Module 1 Listening Skills Concepts & Explanations

In this module you will learn the theory behind listening skills, why it can be difficult to understand natives, and how to improve your comprehension by up to 60%.

Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Mindset
Unit 3 Translating
Unit 4 Reading
Unit 5 Context
Unit 6 Prediction
Unit 7 Structure
Unit 8 The Main Idea
Unit 9 Stress
Unit 10 Content Words
Unit 11 Sounds
Unit 12 Vowels
Unit 13 Changes
Unit 14 Chunking
Unit 15 Intonation
Unit 16 Pairs
Unit 17 Interact
Unit 18 Measure
Module 2 Listening Skills Practice with Native English

Each unit contains a native speaker talking about a real life situation. The speaker says the content twice, once slow and once fast. Check your understanding of real native English listening skills

Unit 1 Coffee Issues
Unit 2 An Order Gone Wrong
Unit 3 Running Late
Unit 4 Dirty Fridge
Unit 5 Birthday Present
Unit 6 Puppy Training
Unit 7 Office Potluck
Unit 8 First Triathlon