Sound Like a Native English Speaker: Greetings


Greetings are your chance to make a great first impression when you meet new people. Unfortunately, a lot of English learners don’t get the chance to learn how natives greet each other! Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. You just need to learn the right way. Let’s learn how to sound more native-like from day 1!

Forget what you learned in your textbooks! In this lesson, we will focus on how to sound more natural by looking at how natives say common greetings.

Common English Greetings:

  1. How are you?
  2. How is everything?
  3. How is it going?
  4. How is work?

Each of these greetings is fine to use, but if you do not pronounce them correctly you will not sound natural. You want to sound natural, right?

Simple changes like combining words (like how is to how’s) or dropping the ending of a word (like changing going to goin’) will make you sound more fluent.

Our goal at Go Natural English is to help you to feel more confident when you are speaking English!

Watch the video for tips on how to make these common greetings sound more natural. In addition, Gabby will teach you a great way to respond to each of these greetings.

Try using these tips the next time you greet someone in English!

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