Prepositions Cheat Sheet English Lesson – Learn and Remember Grammar

Prepositions are one of the most difficult points in the English language for learners. They may be different from your native language.

This English tip is not only to explain prepositions, but to show you strategies that will help you to remember this information.

At Go Natural English, I want to share with you the secrets I’ve learned for language learning. You can get a lot of free information online, but the Go Natural English method is unique.

In this video, you’ll find out how to use prepositions for time and place. Watch and learn more!

In this video I focus on the prepositions on / in / at in relationship to space and time.

Some of the examples I use to show how to remember prepositions in this video include:

  • I’m at the Atlanta bus station.
  • I’m on the platform to take the train to Ontario.
  • I’m in the bus station in India.
  • I’ll meet you at the bus station.
  • On the 10th of March I’m going to be on the train platform because I’m going to Ontario.
  • In 5 minutes, I’ll call you.
  • In a month, I’m going to travel to India.
  • In March I’m traveling to India.

I also mention an opportunity to take an online English lesson with my friends at iTalki. This is a great opportunity to practice what I share with you at Go Natural English.

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